Which Is the Best Fantasy Football?

We have so many different choices it can get confusing. There is regular to keeper to dynasty with 0 to all keepers, different scoring, positions, etc.

Which does all who stop by here see as best and how many have you played?

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I don’t think there is a ‘best’ option. I started with best ball, then salary cap, then standard redraft for a while. For 3 years now, most of my time goes into dynasty, which has turned into my favorite format. I’m still playing a few redraft leagues every year, but it gets less and less.

Auction and keeper are the variants I never played myself.

I got your keeper chance and would welcome the challenge. :slight_smile:

When I do a snake draft any more, I feel like I’m playing Candy Land with the kids or something, whereas auction drafts are more like Monopoly. “Everybody take turns picking; we want everyone to have a fair chance!” lol

I also enjoy the challenge of drafting for non-traditional scoring systems, where you can’t just draft by ADP. If you get a point for every 3 return yards (and yes, I saw that in a private Yahoo league yesterday), Nyheim Hines might be the #1 RB.

I also tend to like bigger leagues (14-16 teams) with deep rosters, because it forces you to evaluate players further down the depth chart than one might normally go.

Best ball leagues are great for feeding your drafting addiction without the season-long hangover of waivers, lineups, trades, and other league management duties. Best ball leagues are like birth control for fantasy football.

I don’t like dynasty or keeper leagues at all; I think each year should stand alone as it’s own contest.

I used to like the purity of having Ks and Ds included, but more and more I’m ok with not including those positions, as they tend to introduce more random elements than they do skillful elements.

But I agree, there is no “best” FF, just as there is no “best” color. And there are enough colors for everyone to have their own favorite(s).

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I wouldn’t recommend that in standard formats, either.

Which Fantasy does everyone think is closest to the NFL?

I would say keepers with all the trade options, etc., but open to learn.

I was in a contract keeper league that was pretty involved back around the turn of the century. Players had actual contracts with term lengths, incentives, etc.–you almost needed to hire a lawyer to conduct your offseason business for you.

It was interesting but time-consuming, and I like football more as entertainment than I do as a job.

I can see it as good but no way on the time. I have to say keepers with many trade options in picks, keepers, players and next year picks at playoff time,

Dynasty is my preferred format. I did play in a keeper league in the early 2000’s, and it was nice, but I find it too restricting. Let the owner with the solid team try and skip the draft if he wants, or only take a pick or two, while the rebuilding owners get to grab all the lottery tickets later. It creates a more fun longer term play than just one season.

As for roster construction, I prefer superflex with PPR. It provides greater value to all positions, making the choices and scoring dynamic much tougher to balance.

So, I play in two very different leagues. I think I get the best of a couple different worlds.

The league I run is an Auction/Salary Cap league w/2 keepers (keepers can only be on a roster for 3 total seasons, so if you draft them, you can keep them the next 2 at their salary then they must return to the pool. We used to do extended contracts and such but that was a lot of work and sucked the fun out of it) I like the auction because everyone has equal access to all players, they just have to spend the money. It’s a little more in-depth than traditional redraft leagues. It’s a 12 team league and we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FlX, 1 K, 1 DST.

I also play in a traditional serpentine draft league that has 1 keeper at their previous years selection round. This league is a 10 man league with deep starting rosters at 1 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLX, 1 K, 1 DST. Starting that many players changes a lot.

Both of my leagues are PPR with other pretty standard scoring rules. I’ve played in some previous leagues that had special/weird scoring and “bonus points.” Hated every second of it. I enjoy watching the Redzone and seeing my RB break off a 30 yard TD run and being able to very quickly do the math in my head…3+6=9pt run and TD. I can’t stand bonus points. It clouds everything. Not to mention, if a QB gets bonus points for yards, he could be backed up in his own endzone, dump pass to an RB that takes it 99 yards to the house and somehow that QB scores a bunch of bonus points because HE had a 99 yd TD pass. That’s silly in my opinion.

I’d like to round out this year with a Best Ball league. Something I don’t have to put too much focus on during the season.

The best thing of my 2 leagues, which are both head to head leagues, is the weekly trash talk. My leagues use the Marco Polo app to talk smack back and forth. It’s great!

And now for something entirely different.

Care to play in a Dynasty League here this year? I see you as a VG fit.

12 teams starting 9 players = 108 starters.
10 teams starting 11 players = 110 starters.

Yeah, it’s drastically different. lol

I’m not sure… Can you DM me the info?

Yeah, got er done. Let me know.

Why do you wish to pester people with nonsense who are trying to get something done? Join in on the league or nor.

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Yeah, it’s drastically different. lol

I’m going to assume this was a bit of arrogant sarcasm. Buddy, if you think being forced to start 30 running backs as opposed to 24 isn’t drastically different, you are sorely mistaken. Your small minded simple math does not compute here.

See, that’s the problem with axually BEING the best; sometimes simple self-esteem can take on the illusion of arrogance.

The difference between the RB24 and the RB30 last year in PPR scoring was less than 1.5 fantasy points per week. Different? Technically. Drastically? Nonsense.

And your insults are misplaced.

II would have to say the comments are accurate. JMO



You’re “that” guy, I see.

When your league forces the start of 30 RB’s and 30 WR’s, 50% of flex positions usually end up taken up by RB’s as well making it 36 RB’s starting (I actually looked back at week 1 last year for my league and it was 38 RB’s starting week 1) as opposed to week 1 in my more standard league where only 26 RB’s were starting. I’m sorry, but I still believe this to be drastic.

If we are going to keep talking PPG numbers though, the difference between the RB 4 last year and the RB 24 was 4.7ppg. So, do you consider 4.7ppg to be drastic? If not, what do you consider drastic? The RB1 on the year compared to the RB36? Nothing in between matters?

And your insults are misplaced.

Nah. I’ve read through a lot of this board. You don’t add much of substance to anything. You go around and nit pick everyone’s posts, berate and belittle them, and attempt to make yourself look superior. You are a bully in the most genuine sense of the word. I’m not sure how you have the time to do it either. My only conclusion is that you have never felt the soft, velvety inside of a vagina sir.

Get your mom to get you a refill of some Tang.

I’m done with you.


Yes, I am the legendary Axe Elf. Welcome to the idiom.

I’m sorry, but I believe you to be playing with morons.

RBs #30-#36 in PPR scoring ranged from 137.6 to 146.6 total fantasy points. WRs #30-#42 ranged from 156.4 to 185.6. Anyone who’s flexing a RB in PPR either has a strong stable of RBs, a weak stable of WRs, a tenuous grasp on the principles of fantasy football, or some combination of the three. All things being equal, you flex WRs in PPR scoring, and RBs in standard scoring.

We weren’t talking about points per game, we were talking about the number of starting players in each league. You painted the difference as “drastic” when it’s only 110 to 108.

A drastic difference would be a 14 team Superflex league that starts 3 RBs, 3 WRs and 3 Flex. That’s 154 starters without even counting TEs, Ks and Ds.