Snake vs Worst to Best Drafts

I need opinions on dynasty and keeper leagues as I see them as different.

I can see a regular NFL type draft for dynasty with teams locked into their players and the draft the best chance for bad teams to improve.

I favor the snake in keeper leagues as you are not locked into players and bad teams can improve in the partial redraft as well as rookie draft.

Also, in a 10 team league everyone has talent. The worst team may have had a big injury or just bad luck. I would not give them #1 picks throughout.

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Snake for redraft leagues.
Straight for dynasties.

For keeper leagues, I’d say it depends on the number of keepers. 1-3, and I’d prefer snake. 6-10 (so essentially your entire starting lineup), I’d lean towards a straight draft order. If you finished the previous season last, chances are your keepers aren’t that good, and you will need all the help from the draft that you can get.

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Fair points. However, in keepers especially 10 teams I think an injury and/or bad luck could be just as responsible as bad keepers. In my experience the #10 teams are not far off the top team and sometimes with a better roster.

One of my dynasty leagues uses snaking drafts. Right now, the league’s parity is non-existent, as two teams are undefeated and have stacked rosters. I suspect the snaking draft is at least partially responsible, since the best teams have high second round picks every year.

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Round 2

  1. CeeDee Lamb(Dal - WR) South Beach …
  2. D’Andre Swift(Det - RB) Cosmic Surfers
  3. Davante Adams(LV - WR) Georgia Rednex
  4. Derrick Henry(Ten - RB) Hamburg Havoc
  5. Stefon Diggs(Buf - WR) Montoya’s Re…
  6. Saquon Barkley(NYG - RB) Sicarios
  7. Aaron Jones(GB - RB) Mack’s Match…
  8. Alvin Kamara(NO - RB) Ernest’s Inc…
  9. Jaylen Waddle(Mia - WR) KRASH TEST D…
  10. Leonard Fournette(TB - RB) Bruisers

Round 3

  1. Travis Kelce(KC - TE) Bruisers
  2. Tyreek Hill(Mia - WR) KRASH TEST D…
  3. Mike Evans(TB - WR) Ernest’s Inc…
  4. Nick Chubb(Cle - RB) Mack’s Match…
  5. Mark Andrews(Bal - TE) Sicarios
  6. Michael Pittman Jr.(Ind - WR) Montoya’s Re…
  7. Josh Allen(Buf - QB) Hamburg Havoc
  8. Kyle Pitts(Atl - TE) Georgia Rednex
  9. Deebo Samuel(SF - WR) Cosmic Surfers
  10. A.J. Brown(Phi - WR) South Beach …

Here’s our 2nd and 3rd rounds as a point of reference.

If I would have been last in the 2nd Lamb is gone but I take Andrews.