When does the My Playbook update?

I am trying to decide whether to drop Dak Prescott for a QB from waivers. I am in a h2h best ball league that would benefit by having three QBs.
I am contemplating Wentz. However, when I use waiver wire assistant, the analysis window doesn’t load at all.
Furthermore, it projects Prescott as having 0.5 points for Week 2. This makes me doubt all the other projections, as it must know that Prescott is out for Week 2.
I am assuming that the ROS projection is points per week? If that is the case, this projection also doesn’t make any sense, given that Prescott should be out several weeks.
Is there a day/time when these are updated?

Also, where is a good place to sift through IDP projections? I can’t seem to find any, and the ones I can find are wildly inaccurate.
I used to really like these tools, and in recent years, I am losing confidence in them, much as the Footballguys tools became nearly useless.

My scoring system is rather unique and I feel certain that the recommendations are for standard leagues, no matter what scoring system I enter.