Should I waste a waiver claim?

I’m one of the unlucky owners of Dak Prescott. Should I waste a waiver claim on Carson Wentz, Daniel Jones, Jared Goff, or Ryan Tannehill? Or do you think I should press my luck for the free agency to open (which is Wednesday in my league).

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Wait for free agency.

Someone will probly drop Matthew Stafford for Carson Wentz this week, and there’s your chance.

Welcome back!

I’d go ahead and take the shot at Cooper Rush. In a league where Wentz is available, Rush is in a better offense. Also, remember that Wentz looked great against the awful Jaguars.

Sorry bur Cooper Rush SUCKS!

Your’re getting like a cheap mans version on Henry,

Good grief Ed; what happened to you in Week 1? You’ve been spotty at best all preseason, but after Week 1 it’s like you’ve taken a lover in Cooper Rush–even advising people to drop J.K. Dobbins for him! Now you’re advising blowing a waiver claim on a backup 4-week QB when plenty of other QBs would be available for free after waivers?

You’ve gone from silly to dangerous.

I’m waiting to hear the scientific analysis on WHY Cooper Rush sucks? Anyone? Bueller?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Well, he couldn’t beat out Dak Prescott…

Last time I checked, Dak isn’t a bad QB at all. Unless 4449 passing yards, 37 td’s and only 10 picks is bad? Those were his numbers last season. Everything less than that is a bad QB?

In the pool of NFL QBs, there are probably no QBs BETTER than Dak Prescott that would be characterized as “bad QBs.”

Thus all “bad QBs” should not, in theory, be able to beat out Dak Prescott.

Cooper Rush could not beat out Dak Prescott.

Scientific analysis granted.