Daniel Jones or Carr in half ppr?

Who do i stream? I have Prescott but I’m hearing he’s a bust.

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I got Prescott above Jones. Your call.

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Welcome aboard!

Last week was Dak’s first week back from a thumb injury. Give him a little time.

Having said that, Jones is a much more intriguing QB this year. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t start Jones over Dak. Jones has had two games over 20 points so far this year. No, he’s no Jalen Hurts But for middle of the road QB’s, Jones isn’t bad.

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I would probly avoid Mac Jones.

You did read the title of the post, right? I guess not…

I was replying to the lawn gnome.

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Right (before it was edited for clarity).

Fair enough. Even so, why would you assume Mac instead of Daniel?

The fact that the title was in fact edited for clarity indicates that my rationale was in fact rational.

Daniel is having a better season than Mac. Your assumption was based on last year’s results. Get with the times.

Your assumptions about my assumptions are completely unwarranted.

Just trying to understand how someone of your obvious genius could be so wrong?

Wrong? Mac Jones sucked today.

Listen to the Elf…
…Trophy on the shelf.
Listen to the others…
…Go crying to your mothers.

Had to come back for posterity…

Listen to AxeElf and Philadelphia would have started Gardner Minshew this past season… lmfao

The Elf swore up and down a couple hundred times that Mishew was going to unseat Hurts

Surely he’ll be a YUUUUGE Colts fan this upcoming season. And surely he’ll lose again.

Thats why he plays/likes dungeons and dragons more than fantasy football.


We keep the lawn gnome around for humor. His fantasy takes are the stuff of legend, as in legendarily bad.

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"Lil Elfie seemed to lose his axe the end of last season. It has to be tuff being wrong all those times.

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The experts say Danny dimes cuz he’s got mobility, I like carrs weapons better but he had devonte n struggled with that gimme.

Who wants yesterday’s paper? This is really old and should be ignored.

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