Trade advice hall for dehop + walker

Should I trade my Breece Hall for DeHop and Kenneth Walker? 10 team ppr, My current wrs are moore, brandin cooks, arob, and bateman. Current rbs are barkley, ekeler, henderson, edmonds, and penny.


I was leaning in favor of it anyway, because you need the potential help at WR more than you need Hall at RB–but having Penny already kind of clinches it.

That said Hopkins is not necessarily a slam-dunk WR1 when he returns; he may not even be much of a WR2 with the other weapons they have on the team now. But with your current WRs, it’s worth sacrificing a RB you’ll never start anyway for the chance at a startable WR.

Now, is this an axual offer on the table, or are you just dreaming about offering it?

actual offer on the table, his rb lineup is pretty weak and have injury history, i was just worrying as you were saying about how good hopkins will be when he returns. I’m also hoping bateman improves towards the end of the season as lamar doesn’t seem to be running too much.

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I won’t say this trade will solve your WR issues, but it can’t hurt. Hall and Walker are close in talent, and you walk away from the trade with a potentially good WR.

I’d make that trade. Pairing Walker with Penny makes a lot of sense, considering Penny’s injury history.

D-Hop isn’t the hottest WR candidate, but if you can get him for free in a trade between 2 equally valuable RBs, he’s a steal.

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