Tough Question!

Can someone please help?

I drafted Jamarr Chase and Tee Higgins. I’m worried this will limit my ceiling. Would it be wise to trade Higgins for DJ Moore? Will DJ perform well?


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No. The Bengals are a team with a solid passing volume, but not too many pass catchers on the roster. They typically don’t involve RBs or TEs a ton in their passing game. So Chase and Higgins can split the lion’s share in a good passing offense.

The Bengals are 1 of 2 teams I see producing two fantasy WR1s this year. The other team are the Dolphins.

Last year, there was only 1 team producing two (borderline) WR1s: the Seahawks. And they were the lowest-volume passing offense in the entire NFL. But they only had 2 pass catchers, so even their super low volume was enough to elevate Metcalf and Lockett into (or, depending on scoring, close to) the top 12 range.

I have DJ Moore well below Tee Higgins in my PPR rankings. Higgins is my #12 WR, Moore my #20. So you wouldn’t gain anything by trading away Higgins for Moore.

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It will make your team scores more consistent from week to week, but you won’t have as many big weeks (or really bad weeks) as you might if your WRs were from different teams.

That said, if Higgins is the problem, Moore probly isn’t the answer.

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No and not a tuff question. :slight_smile: