Flex Spot Help! WR Spot Help. NEEDING TO WIN OUT

Full PPR, 10 Team league, Flex spot that you can start WR, TE, RB-

*Travis Etienne Jr, Christian Watson. For this Flex spot, who would you start?

For the WR spot, Needing some suggestions or advice-
*Christian Watson against the Bears, Ja’Marr Chase against the Chiefs, and George Pickens against the Falcons.

To break it down, A total of (4) players and what I am needing 3 players and having to sit 1,-
**Christian Watson, Travis Etienne Jr, George Pickens, and Ja’Marr Chase. Must start 3 out of the 4. Who are you starting in the sense that you know moving forward the next few games are must win’s.

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Etienne in the Flex, and Watson and Chase (if he’s starting) or Pickens in the WR.

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Etienne in flex and Watson and Chase

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I think my question was confusing. After reading it 3 times…
My bad fellas.
What I meant to say is… Two flex spots that I can start WR, TE, RB.

My line up I have is

QB- Hurst

RB- J. Taylor

RB- R Stevenson.

WR- J waddle.

WR- MetCalf

Flex- ( Help ) *choices would be-T. Etienne against the Lions, not sure how healthy he will be., C. Watson against the bears, their D is doing pretty well against the WR’s, Pickens against the Falcons, who knows with that D. It’s weak, but keeping games close, Ja’Marr Chase against the Chiefs, ( How healthy is he really, is he gonna play the full time, or is Chase a must start regardless if he appears to be healthy at game time: )

Flex- (Help ) choices are the same as above.

Kicker- Myers

D- Niners

( if y’all think starting any of the Receivers listed above over MetCalf or Waddle please do tell.)

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Metcalf and Waddle remain the starters, or you can swap in a WR choice for the flex spot, but then one of Metcalf or Waddle would still be played in a flex spot.

Since there are only two flex spots, then I would take Etienne and Watson, even if Chase plays. It’s hard to tell with injured players how well they will contribute. Watson seems to have roughly as high a ceiling as Chase, without the injury worry.

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Good looking out!!! I needed to confirm the Chase situation!

Etienne, is also injured. I don’t think he’s remotely close to being hurt like Chase.

Which is why I left Pickens in the conversation, because I wanted to see if anyone would say anything about Pickens starting at the second Flex position because of the known lower ankle/foot injury he has, adding to that, Hasty did pretty well in his place last week, and they they are playing Detroit this week.

Thank you guys for the advice!
I ended up choosing Waddle, Metcalf, Chase, Watson,
I ended up sitting Etienne, and Pickens. Thank goodness!
Took this one with smoothness. Feeling comfortable, and confident on the next few games or for the playoffs!

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