What postion you need to fill first

What positions should I fill first in fantasy football?

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In standard league, I’d try to get like 3 stud RBs in the first four rounds, and the best 4 WRs I could manage among them.

In PPR or half-PPR, you can give a slight edge to RBs, but it’s basically best available between RBs and WRs for the first seven rounds or so.

Then you could look at a TE, another RB/WR, whichever you need most, and finally, a QB. Then just fill out your bench with the best RB/WR depth you can afford.

This late in the preseason, you may as well go ahead and draft your K and D, if your league uses them, in the last two rounds, because even if you drafted a couple of flyers in the last two rounds, you’d likely just have to drop them for a K and D anyway before Week 1, so you might as well get your picks.

There is no single answer to this question. the best answer I can give is based on where you draft, and what your opponents are drafting. This is all assuming a normal league with normal scoring, and definitely not a rookie draft in dynasty.

Let’s say you draft first, and the draft snakes. Then you take the best RB available, who this year happens to be Taylor. But your next few picks will come after everyone has already drafted 2 players, leaving you to get whomever they left behind. By that point, you just have to look at BPA (best player available). All the top RB’s will likely be gone, as well as the elite WR’s. Whether you dig through the next tier of RB’s and WR’s or go TE is something you have to decide on the fly. Don’t draft QB early, as it is only one starting position (superflex is a different discussion).

Even if you draft last or later, your decision is made by what your opponents leave behind. If all the elite RB’s are gone when you pick, then you grab an elite WR. What you take in the 2nd round is again determined by what is left.

Ultimately, to answer your question, you are drafting the BPA among RB’s and WR’s, since most of your starting positions are in those two categories, with RB being more important since there are fewer elite RB’s. By the 3rd round, you can start thinking about elite TE’s. This year, I’d avoid QB’s until the 5th round or later. All K’s and DST’s should be left for the very end of the draft.

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Well put edmcgon. Solid advise :ok_hand:

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