Do you finish starting lineup or go for depth?

Basically the same as the title. Do you fill out the starting QB, 2 RB, 2WR, TE, and FLEX before going to bench?

I go for what’s best available at that time based on how others draft. Majority of the time your roster will be filled with someone worth starting by the end of the draft unless you have a insane amount of Flex positions.

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I draft for value, while keeping an eye on the board for scarcity. I want to be sure not to end up with a QB or TE below the lowest acceptable tier (to me) in my rankings but otherwise it’s about grabbing the best available players. That said, I rarely have to invoke the “lowest acceptable tier” exception outside of deep leagues.

You draft QBs and TEs in the double-digit rounds, and Ks and Ds in the last couple of rounds. It would be dumb to take a K or a D or a QB or a TE in the seventh round just because you haven’t filled that spot on your roster.

Unless it’s D Leonard in the 8th then your ok. :nerd_face:

Just the opposite, axually.

lol…Opposites attract…I’m gonna post all of this board every time he goes off.

My answer is an enthusiast “Yes!”. You want the best available player at each of these starting positions. Taking a bench player you plan to start only a few weeks of the season doesn’t make sense over taking a starting player who could give you fantasy points nearly every week. You’d much rather get a less valuable bench player in the following round than a less valuable starter.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the guy who is drafting Kickers in Round 7 and Defenses in Round 8, because he’d hate to take a bench player over a starter.

Way to stand by your convictions!

Wait I thought I was that guy…

As I recall, you limited your errors to Kickers.

Axe, reread his question. There’s no mention of defenses or kickers. He asks specifically about 7 starting positions. I even wrote “each of these starting positions”, to distinguish from all starting positions. I usually take defense in the 3rd to last round, a flyer in the 2nd to last, and a kicker in the last.

There is if your starting lineup includes defenses and kickers.