Draft position question (FLEX)

Should you draft your entire starting lineup before adding to your bench (aside from K, DEF)? For my FLEX spot in a PPR (assuming i would use a WR), i always seem to wind up with an RB3 and i feel like i should be targetting the best WR left at that point for my FLEX spot. Thoughts?

Just remember, an RB3 with high upside could be worth more than a WR3 with a good floor, for trade value later.

That said, you want the best player available for your flex, regardless of RB, WR, or TE (or even QB for superflex). If you can get an RB3 who can outperform the available WR’s, you do it, no questions asked. It depends on what is available.

Ultimately, keep in mind that just because you draft one player before another, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to start them before the other player. WR’s who can put up points are in abundance, but you still might draft the RB3 first only for safety or later trade value.

I’m in favor of taking the best player available especially in Flex formats. I tend to lean towards upside RBs in drafts as well.

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I think you draft the best player on the board and then start the player with the best matchup. That’s the beauty of the flex play, it don’t have to be the same week after week. I switch my flex players up all the time…
With that being said I also consider the flex players as bye week starters and injury replacements. So I tend to go after the RB first as that position is not as deep and harder to fill later in draft or from the wire.