Buy Low Opportunity

12 team ppr redraft yahoo

I am looking to buy low on Zeke and upgrade at WR. Am I giving up too much to acquire Zeke and Justin Jefferson?

current roster:
QB-MacJones/Lance (streaming)
RB - gibson
Flex-Deebo/Tyson W./Harris/Edmonds/Fuller/Meyers/Tony Jones

New roster:
QB-MacJones/Lance (streaming)
RB - gibson
Flex-Harris/Edmonds/Fuller/Meyers/Tony Jones

Giving up too much or not enough?
Get: zeke (low)/JJ
Give: Cooper (high)/Henderson/Tyson W./Deebo (high)

I can’t imagine wanting to cut two more players just for the privilege of turning Zeke into Henderson and JJ into Cooper.

Good point. He needs to cut his 2nd defense and 2nd QB haha. You don’t think I’m giving up too much then and not giving up enough for his side. Thanks for the view and reply man.

Zeke isn’t the problem here. JJ is. JJ will require an awesome offer.

Zeke and Cooper are a wash in this deal. Which means Henderson for JJ? Not happening. Tyson is almost irrelevant to making this deal work. Deebo helps, but is he enough?

Keep Tyson, and offer Deebo. Even a low value Zeke is still gonna cost you.

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