Auction Draft Assessment

Did my first auction drafts this year and really liked them, so I banged out one more on a whim. Just an ESPN public league. 10 team PPR.

My other teams I went for balance, so this time decided to go big time for studs, budget be damned. Only misstep was I nominated Andrews and had a glitch, screen went white, and when I came back he was mine for $22, LOL. Not sure how that happened and I had to recover as best as I could. RBs really suffered.

Team below, projected weekly starters in bold:

QB: Allen
RB: Montgomery, Dillon, Perine, J Williams, J Wilson, Charbonet, D Harris, Warren
WR: Jefferson, Chase, E Moore, J Hyatt
TE: Andrews
DST: Falcons
K: Gano

My assessment is weak RBs and questionable receivers after the big two. Not sure who to flex, guess I will go by matchups as I don’t see a solid one yet.

Yeah those RBs are pretty sad for a 10 team PPR. You din’t really even get any PPR specialists, like Jerick McKinnon or something. Maybe Charbonnet?

At least you have two stud WRs in PPR, but you’ll probly need to make a 2-for-1 trade with one of them, or make a magic waiver wire pickup, to be competitive.

Yeah I was a little irritated with the glitch honestly don’t know what happened.

I was planning on Aaron jones James cook and then te just pitts or friermuth

Debating letting it roll vs trade now