Week 13; 10-team 1/2 PPR

Need 2 of 3 for week 13 start:

  • RB Saquon Barkley vs. tough Washington D-line
  • Mike Evans vs. Saints & Lattimore (if he plays on Monday night)
  • WR Christian Watson @ Bears (plus matchup)

I share your concerns about Saquon, and he also seems to have lost quite a bit of steam recently. But I don’t see how you could sit him here.

Watson and Evans aren’t too far apart. I like Evans a little better. Lattimore or not, the Saints are only #24 against opposing WRs and gave up 25+ points to their opponents in the games he played as well.

HELP!! Do I start Lamar or Justin at QB

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Both face tough matchups, but Lamar’s is just a little tougher against Denver. I’d go with Fields here.

Not disagreeing with you here, Ed, but my concern with Fields is that the Bears will limit his rushing production after his injury, and if that happens, it will kill most of his fantasy upside.

Denver haven’t faced a rushing QB all season yet. Maybe Lamar will be the code to break their defense. He might be the safer play, even though Fields certainly has a lot of potential upside - if he is at 100%.

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Fair enough. I will admit these two are a hair-splitting exercise.

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