Dynasty QB Question

Superflex league, week 1. Of the following 3 QB’s, which 2 should I start: Fitzpatrick vs. LAC, Tua vs. NE, or Carr against BAL?

The spidey sense says Carr, but the rational side wants to give it a sec to see how their young receivers are developing–and it’s a good defense they’ll be facing as well.

I wouldn’t start Tua, that’s for sure. Fitz is probly the safest play.

I’d say Carr is the safest option, but also the one with the least upside. Tua and Fitz both need to show what they can do with their new / revamped offenses. Though chances are the answer will be: “a lot”.

If you’re all in for the upside - start Tua and Fitz.
If you want to play it a little safer, with a touch of madness - start Carr and Fitz.
If you cannot stand the thought of seeing 4 INTs in week 1 already - start Carr and Tua.

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That’s the best answer. How lucky do I feel?

I’m leaning towards Tua and Fitz. But Carr against a Ravens team that can’t run? Hmmm…

They haven’t lost Lamar Jackson yet…


FItz and Carr would be my pick.

Carr actually looked really good last year and both Ruggs and Edwards are in their second season. It also helps that Marcus Peters is not playing.

Its a roll of the dice between Tua and Fitz, And we all know what can happen if Fitzs hits paydirt. Tua could have a good year, but I would wait to see how he does with his new WR core.

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Good point. Although NE is down one CB, so Tua has a favorable matchup.

Quite true. Still not sure their offense can live or die by Lamar’s legs alone.

If the Ravens will indeed struggle to score with their decimated offense (and we can’t rule it out), it is potentially bad for Carr’s fantasy performance. Nothing is better for a capable QB than the opponent scoring left, right and center, forcing him to rely on the passing game a lot.

I’ll take the QB of a team that loses 41-49 over one of a 21-9 winning team any day.

With that being said, BAL-LV seems to have the highest o/u of all 3 matchups (50.0). I wouldn’t be too concerned to start Carr.

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