Week 15 QB Streamer

With Lamar most likely out for week 15 I need a QB streamer

-T. Law vs a great Dal D is not very appealing but he’s at home and been playing great

=White vs Det would be a juicy match-up but he has a chance of re-injury or reduced workload with his rib injury

-Carr vs a strong NE D sounds risky, especially after he totally f**ked me last week

-Jones vs a fresh Wash D coming off a bye

-Tannehill vs LAC who just shut down Miami’s passing attack and LAC D also has a terrible run D (my opponent has King Henry) so that could double f*ck me

-Heinicki vs NYG D at home but ECR has absolutely no faith in him, ranking him QB27

Huntley vs CLE D (if he plays) also has a re-injury risk, and not to mention the Ravens offense is absolute garbage right now.

HELP ME FANTASY PROS COMMUNITY…I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place!

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Brock Purdy isn’t available? You’d obviously have to monitor his injury situation as well. But if he plays, he might be the least worst of the mentioned options, if not even a good one.

If he isn’t available, or you don’t want to start him, Daniel Jones looks workable. I don’t think the bye turned Washington into a scary D, so Danny Dimes should be able to deliver another solid, if unspectacular week, like he did most of the season. He rarely gives you over 25, but even less rarely under 15, making him one of the most consistent fantasy QBs this year.

And you could even keep him for week 16, when he plays against a very generous Minnesota D.

I like TLaw here, for two reasons:

  1. He is starting to play like the QB Jacksonville was expecting last year, averaging 20+points/per game over the last 4 games.

  2. Dallas might get caught looking ahead to their game against Philly in 12 days.

It’s playoff time, baby! Play big or go home! Start TLaw.

T-Law; yeah, but no. last 4 games was against the last 5 teams against QBs (#28-#32) and DAL is #3 against QB. T-Law and the Jags will come back to the floor I think.

If you wanna have fun, play white :smiley: this could be the risky option, the boom or bust option. the DET Defense is #32 against QB (how many teams are in the NFL?). But yeah, you have to monitor the injury reports.

as @ZakHH said, if you want security and constancy play Jones.

the rest, just no. no trust, no arm or just a dutch beer with spelling problems.

if Big Brock Purdy is available and active, forget all that above and play Purdy.

T Law from that list…we saw Houston score points against the Dal defense…I am expecting a shootout frankly…

IF healthy I would go White vs a horrible D. If not Lawrence is a legit starting QB without streaming.