WDIS - Lockett or Najee Harris

N. Harris vs TB
T. Lockett vs ARI

Tough Decision…
Thanks in Advance

I have to go Lockett in a projected shoot out with Zona. Geno has been on fire last few weeks since the OL had a dramatic improvement over the first two games. I expect it to continue this week.

Harris is up vs a very tuff D and not getting the touches or snaps he got last season.

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The Buccaneers are the 17th-best defense against the run. The only two run defenses Harris has faced WORSE than the Buccaneers were the Patriots and the Browns. And the dawning of the Pickett to Pickens era has given defenses something else to think about as well.

In PPR I’d go Lockett, maybe even half-PPR; but pure standard scoring favors Najee.

Some people choose to go by NFL rankings, not a bad thing.

However, this is Fantasy and I choose to go by Fantasy ranks. TB has given up the second fewest points to RBs in fantasy football.

KC’s CEH burned them for 22 points with a TD run and pass with 90 yards but then came 9 points once and 5’s and 6’s.

Choose whatever ranks you think best. I kinda like the ones for the game I’m playing.

Thanks, I agree with you…Good Luck this week.

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And to you, I hope it works out.