Flex Appeal in Non PPR League

Lockett, Nico, Connor, BRob Jr, or Najee? (non ppr)

My opponent’s flex is Sutton so I am just looking to outscore him and avoid a dud performance

I’d go with BRob solely based on him getting steady touches

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I would probly go Conner, but BRob has been hot to start the season. Najee should finally have a better day this week against the sieve that is the Las Vegas defense, in prime time, but it’s kind of hard to trust him after his first two weeks.

The other two are WRs and should not be flexed in a non-PPR league.

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I normally go RB at my flex in non ppr I’m just nervous that one, if not all, of these
RBs could dud considering either their matchup or their previous play this year (Najee)

Definitely an RB.

Robinson seems the safest option, but the matchup isn’t pretty. Najee sucked so far, but had some pretty tough matchups in week 1+2. Now he’s facing the much softer Raiders. I wouldn’t blame you for starting him.

Conner seems to risky against that monster of a defense.

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