Start / Sit & RB Help

Running Back help needed.

  • Are any of the below worth picking up, I am 8-4, have lost 3 in a row and looking to lose again which will probably knock me out of playoffs.

WW: Miles Sanders,/ Howard, Murray, Damien Harris / Rhomandre, Breida, Alex Collins

My Roster:

QB: Dak
RB: CMC (IR), Hubbar, Najee, Freeman Scott, Hubbard, Hillard
WR: Chase, Hopkins, Evans, DJ Moore, Pittman, Brandin Cooks,
TE: Hockenson
K: Zurline (rotate based on match up)
DST: Miami (rotate based on match up)

I would start Najee Harris and Devonta Freeman. Both should be okay this week.

Breida is looking good as well, but I don’t trust him yet.

Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson are both fine RBs, but at the moment, they cancel each others’ upside. If you want to make an upside play, start Rhamondre over Freeman. But it’s a risky move.

Miles Sanders is a no-go, as is Alex Collins.

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How many people do you start in each position/flex?

1 QB
3 WRs
2 RBs
1 Flex
1 TE

I personally like having an RB at flex then a WR, but since I dont have a reliable 3rd RB this week due to byes, I’ll go with a WR based on Match up.