Waiver OBJ value

friend decided to drop obj due to byes this week, heard a lot of buzz about obj signings and was wondering if any of these players are droppable for him:
curtis, bateman, jamaal, brob, moore
I also have byes at qb and te next week so 2 of these guys will have to go eventually anyways
Right now leaning on dropping brob or curtis but if i pick up obj then id have to drop two more next week. Who should i drop in that situation?
Currently a lot stronger at rb than wr (barkley, ekeler, kamara, diontae, godwin)
10 man PPR redraft

Isn’t Josh Gordon available?

yes josh gordon is available

It was a rhetorical question.

he is available though. what does that mean

Don’t listen to the Elf, he’s our resident troll.

Adding OBJ would be a highly speculative move. Yes, the common expectation is that the Rams will sign him at some point, and he could then be good again, like last season.

But we don’t know if the Rams will do that. And even if they do, we wouldn’t know when. And even if we knew when, we wouldn’t know if OBJ really sees steady enough volume to become startable.

In leagues with deep rosters, it may be worth rostering him. But in standard sized leagues, you are likely just wasting a bench spot for a player you will probably not be able to start all season.