Lockett for OBJ?

Should I trade Lockett and a 2024 4th for OBJ AND Malik’s Willis?? Also offered me OBJ and 2023 2nd.

League is Superflex, He is the top contender with flex depth concerns. I am middle of the pack with Dionte, D Smith. Waddle. Mooney, Gabe Davis, Van Jefferson at wr.

I’m only nervous about giving the repeat champ the depth he needs to repeat.

I take it we are talking dynasty here.

In my book, both Lockett and OBJ fall in the “dead assets who may still have a few moments” category. Lockett will see more playing time, but OBJ may have a few better games, at least if the Rams re-sign him.

I wouldn’t want to rely on either of them, so let’s focus on the other items here:

Trading away a 2024 4th for either Malik Willis or a rather valuable 2023 2nd sounds like a sweet deal. I’d probably prefer the 2023 2nd here, unless your QB room is getting too old for comfort. In that case, you can take a shot at Willis (again: only in dynasty, obviously). But I’d rather use a 2023 1st on a new QB, that’s why I’d go for the 2023 pick, even if it will probably be a late one, if the current owner is a contender.
Actually, scratch that - in an SFLEX dynasty league, I’d prefer Malik Willis over a presumably late 2023 2nd.


@ZakHH hit the nail on the head with the “dead assets” description.

Seattle is talking about how Geno Smith is winning the QB battle so far. If that happens, expect a lost year for their WR’s.

OBJ won’t be going back to the Rams unless he is still available when/if one of their WR’s gets hurt. Who know where/when he will end up otherwise?

Willis and the draft picks are the only interesting parts mentioned in this trade. Willis’s range of outcomes go from Josh Allen down to Jamarcus Russell. @BTR1985, I would give up Lockett for Willis and run with your current WR’s. Lockett won’t win a league for anybody this year. If you want to take a shot with OBJ, that’s fine, since you’re only losing a 4th rounder.


Now here’s an intruiguing thought - remove OBJ from the equation and go after both Willis and the 2023 pick:

You trade away Lockett + 2024 4th
You get Willis + 2023 2nd.

The other owner probably won’t be too happy about this. You can upgrade the 2024 pick to a 3rd, if needed. This would be a good trade for you that won’t cost you any valuable assets this year, but could pay off nicely in 2023.

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Thanks for the respond. The trade started focused around Lockett and his need for depth. He wanted a ‘24 third originally but I declined, the second was changed to Malik Willis by me and I have Tannehill/Russ as my qbs.

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Sounds like Willis is a perfect pickup for you!

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If I’m middle of the league I would take that trade getting OBJ and Willis.

Lockett is now tied to Lock or Smith and I’d take the chance on Willis being something in the future over Lockett at this point.

OBJ might be valuable later on when he returns (assuming he returns to the rams). At this point it’s Willis for Lockett and if I’m middle of the league take the chance on Willis. WR can be a dime a dozen and can be waiver wire pickups later on. QB’s in Superflex are so highly valuable.

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