Vet Winners from 2023 Draft

Chargers Herbert- He struggled with injuries to Allen and Williams. Q gives him a legit WR to throw deep to and can step in for injury.

Ravens Jackson- They added OGB and have Bateman but an old WR with two bad past injuries with another who has not impressed are not as good as Flowers.

Philly D- They were very good last season and added two of the top defenders in the draft. I will be looking to draft them as a difference maker.

Falcons Ridder- Having Robinson takes a load of pressure off him.

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I would add to this that Ridder looked better than Mariota in those last few appearances at the end of the season. While I can’t say (with certainty) Ridder is their solution at QB, he is easily an improvement, and we will see where his potential tops out this season.

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The run heavy scheme with Robinson will reduce passing volume some but the D bringing 7 or 8 in the box will balance in London and Pitts having an easier time with cover.

I have to add Bucs RB White to this list as they added nothing to take any snaps away from him.

The same is true for Ekeler.

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I would have agreed until yesterday, when I realized how abysmal the Bucs’ run game was in 2022. And I don’t see how it would get a lot better this year.

1,308 yards and 5 TDs - even if White got 100% of that in 2023, that would hardly be enough to elevate him into RB1 territory.

And there’s still every chance the Bucs bring Fat Lenny back, or sign Zeke. Both are still without a team for 2023.

I do not like White at all but, for now, he is a winner. Others may or may not come.