2022 Player Rankings - Early Takes for all 32 Teams

I’m still not done with my 2022 rankings, but they are slowly coming along. Here are some early findings for every team:

Arizona Cardinals

If James Conner manages to stay healthy, he could have an RB1 season. On the passing side, I do not see a single elite player, though.

Atlanta Falcons

Stay away in redraft formats. In dynasty leagues, Kyle Pitts and Drake London have some value, but both are pretty expensive already.

Baltimore Ravens

Unless he gets injured again, Lamar Jackson is bound for a top 5 season. On the passing side, both Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay are undervalued. Bateman could be a borderline WR1, Duvernay a WR4/FLEX player. All that while Mark Andrews is bound for another season as the TE#1 overall. The Ravens are a run-first offense, but they will still throw the ball every now and then. And there aren’t many mouths to feed.

Buffalo Bills

Last year, all Buffalo pass catchers were undervalued. This year, they are mostly correctly priced. Josh Allen will be the QB#1 this year. Gabriel Davis is still having some sleeper appeal, but at his current ADP of WR#37, he’s not criminally underrated anymore. I have him as a low-end WR2. James Cook is overrated in dynasty. He’s a pass-catching back, but Josh Allen doesn’t throw to RBs a lot.

Carolina Panthers

I gave CMC his usual insane volume, and projected him to play 13 games (which would be more than in the 2 previous seasons combined). That relegates him to RB2 territory. Even if he plays all 17 games, I see him only as a mid-range RB1. Don’t overpay. And stay away from all other Panthers players as well, at least in redraft.

Chicago Bears

David Montgomery works at his current ADP. All other Bears players don’t.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals currently have 2 WRs in the WR1 range in ADP. And that is correct. Just like pretty much all other Bengals players. Burrow may be a tad expensive at ADP QB#7, but not by much.

Cleveland Browns

Can we project the Browns without knowing how long Deshaun Watson will be banned? It’s difficult, but I think the current ADP of all Browns skill position players reflect that adequately. DPJ has some sleeper appeal, as the Browns don’t have many pass catchers, and even a backup QB will have to throw the ball somewhere.

Dallas Cowboys

Another team for which I don’t have many complaints about the current ADPs. Jalen Tolbert is a very intriguing rookie who could have some FLEX appeal right out of the gate.

Denver Broncos

I find them difficult to project. Russell Wilson is too risky for me at ADP QB#10. Javonte Williams as low-end QB1 and Melvin Gordon as low-end RB2 are correctly priced at their current ADP. I don’t agree to Tim Patrick being undervalued.

Detroit Lions

The ADPs work for me. Swift and Hockenson are workable players on their positions. No other player holds a lot of appeal, though, but that’s reflected by their ADPs.

Green Bay Packers

Allen Lazard is undervalued. Another WR will significantly beat their ADP, but we cannot be sure which one. Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb and Romeo Doubs are interesting late-round fliers. Take your pick and hope for the best.

Houston Texans

I agree with all ADPs. But there will be one WR beyond Brandin Cooks who will significantly beat their ADP. John Metchie and Nico Collins are both intriguing stashes.

Indianapolis Colts

@edmcgon will love this one: JT did not come out as the RB#1 in my projections. Najee Harris did. Not by a wide margin, though. Still, didn’t see that coming. Nyheim Hines has sleeper appeal in PPR formats. Michael Pittman is undervalued at WR14. Quite a bit, actually. I have him as a top 5 candidate.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Most players are correctly priced. I’ll stay away from the pass catchers, as there are too many of them. Dan Arnold could have some appeal, if he can keep Evan Engram in check.

Kansas City Chiefs

I have Mahomes a tad lower than his ADP, but not by much. If you absolutely want to draft a pass catcher not named Travis Kelce, I’d go for MVS. He has some WR2 upside, but with a risk. We don’t know yet how this receiver corps will work out.

Las Vegas Raiders

Stay away, they are in for a terrible season. Okay, okay, I’m kidding, of course. Most players are adequately priced. I’m a little higher on Jacobs than his RB#21 ADP, I see him closer to the upper end of the RB2 range. The other RBs are slightly undervalued as well. As is Darren Waller - if he stays healthy. If not, I now see the appeal in Foster Moreau. Davante Adams is overrated, but not by much. ADP WR#4, I have him as WR#7. Renfrow is undervalued at WR#34 ADP. Finally, Derek Carr has low-end QB1 upside. The Raiders are a good team to invest in this year.

Los Angeles Chargers

No complaints about the ADPs. Keenan Allen is a tad overrated, and Josh Palmer could outperform his ADP, but keep expectations tempered.

Los Angeles Rams

Again, no complaints here. At their current ADP, I’d rather draft Tyler Higbee than Allen Robinson. Van Jefferson’s upside is limited, at least if (as projected by yours truly) OBJ will return to the Rams at some point.

Miami Dolphins

The backfield is a mess, but you already knew that. I have ranked them all equally. Which makes Sony Michel the most intriguing pick, as he has the lowest ADP. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle could both beat their ADP. I have no issues with the current prices of the Dolphins pass catchers, including Mike Gesicki.

Minnesota Vikings

Dalvin Cook will struggle to meet his ADP of RB#5, even if he plays all 17 games. Which I don’t think he will. Irv Smith could be a smash pick on TE. And my #1 hot take this year: KJ Osborn will outperform Adam Thielen this season. Thielen’s ADP is WR#33, Osborn’s is WR#83. Osborn is the #1 sleeper this year.

New England Patriots

Mac Jones is a mid-range QB2, which slightly beats his ADP. Hunter Henry is a mid-range TE2, which is slightly lower than his ADP. No other skill position player is in the 2nd tier on their position. Stay away from this team. Low-volume, many mouths to feed - pure fantasy poison.

New Orleans Saints

If Jameis Winston stays healthy, he will beat his ADP of QB#20. Not by a huge margin, though - he can be a high-end QB2, but not more. The rest of the team is a fantasy mess. I projected Kamara with a 4 game ban, which could drop him out of RB2 range already. He’ll still be valuable when on the field, but not at his current RB#11 ADP. Keep in mind, he could miss more than 4 games. That video wasn’t pretty at all. No other Saints player has any fantasy appeal. That includes Chris Olave. I’ll stay away from the 2022 Saints.

New York Giants

The same goes for the 2022 Giants. I projected Saquon Barkley with 17 games, a 50+% rushing share and a nice chunk of air targets. He came out as RB20. The volume simply isn’t there. Add a multitude of mouths to feed, and you have a perfect recipe for fantasy desaster.

New York Jets

The 2022 Jets will be much better than their 2021 version. Still, I don’t see a single skill position player to beat his current ADP. Not even Breece Hall. His ADP is RB#22. That’s exactly where he came out in my rankings. If you are looking for intriguing fantasy options from New York, go upstate. There are none in New York City this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

And the rant continues. Yes, Jalen Hurts is a fantasy QB1, but a low-end one. An ADP of QB#6 is too much, even if he will be the #1 runner on the team. Which he will be, which renders all their RBs useless. Dallas Goedert as TE#8 works for me. But the WRs? A.J. Brown’s ADP is WR#11. In my rankings, he came out as WR#20. And only after I pushed the Eagles’ passing volume beyond my comfort zone. Stay away.

Pittsburgh Steelers

As mentioned earlier, Najee Harris came out as RB#1 overall. Didn’t see that coming. But the reason is simple: Pittsburgh has nobody else to carry the ball. Benny Snell or Anthony McFarland? Come on! Trubisky will get some carries, which could elevate him into mid-range QB2 territory. If he plays all 17 games. Pittsburgh’s pass catchers are all a tad overrated, but not by much. But there is a chance the Steelers won’t produce a tier 1 pass catcher this year.

San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance is an unproven asset. I have him as QB#8, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend to draft him at that position. He’s a risk/reward pick. The backfield is ambiguous as always. But with Mitchell at ADP RB#24 and TDP at RB#75, it’s a no-brainer whom to pick. There is every chance TDP can outperform Mitchell. TDP is a great late-round pick in redraft and an intruguing option in dynasty. All other 49ers are aptly priced at their curent ADP.

Seattle Seahawks

What a mess. But 2 players have appeal here: D.K. Metcalf, whom I have a quite a bit higher than his WR#18 ADP. And Ken Walker, who came out way ahead of Breece Hall in my rankings. But I projected neither Penny nor Carson with a full season, which helps Walker’s volume.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Will Tom Brady finally show some age regression? I don’t think so. He’s the QB#2 in my rankings. Evans, Godwin and Gage could all be WR2s or better. And Fournette could have a top 3 finish, while Rachaad White and Ke’Shawn Vaughn still both beat their ADP.

Tennessee Titans

No other team came out so close to their players’ ADPs. The WRs are a tad underrated, especially Nick Westbrook-Ikhine has some sleeper appeal. But the overall passing volume is too low to make any of them highly interesting.

Washington Commanders

Move along, there’s nothing to see here. Okay, maybe J.D. McKissic, in PPR formats. But even he will be only an RB3/FLEX player. A fate that could befall every single skill position player. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Commanders will produce no QB2, RB2, WR2 or TE2 this year. Stay away from this team.

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I could say I told ya so…ok, I will! I told ya so! :grin:

Obviously, I’m biased, but I like the Raiders much more than I have in previous years.

In PPR formats, Cook might have even more value than in previous years.

Respectfully disagree. Winston will be a QB1 this year, with the only question being how high he goes in the range.

Again, respectfully disagree. Expect Chase Claypool to enter the discussion for WR1., possibly even top 5 if the Steelers get some respectable QB play.

What if Lance runs like Lamar Jackson, but throws like Jamarcus Russell? Do you really see Shanahan sticking with him the entire season? Konami code QB’s are nice, until they have to throw the football.

The only part I disagree with is the Commanders could have a #2-ranked position player, but which one? Picking it is a crap shoot. So I agree with your “stay away” assessment, at least until the later rounds.

As for the rest of your assessments, I agree with everything you said.

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Hey, it’s my preliminary rankings. I probably messed something up there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I gave the Vikings a little more passing volume, and gave Cook a higher share. Also gave him 3 receiving TDs, compared to his 0 from 2021. And I gave him the lion’s share of 75% of the ground production.

At 17 games, that returns him as RB#7 in PPR. If he plays only 13 games, like he did in 2021, that would make him RB#23.

I’m not saying he will have a terrible season. But he’ll have a hard time beating that RB#5 ADP price tag.

I gave the Saints 10% more passing volume than in 2021. Projected Winston to play all 17 games. Gave him a 20% rushing share. The result is QB#15. My gut feeling is also that this is too low. But the Saints would have to make gigantic strides in order for Winston to ascend into QB1 territory.

The 2022 Steelers also have 10% more passing production than the 2021 team in my projections. And they already were a high-volume offense back then. I especially bumped their yards per completion ranking, as that was very low under what remained of Big Ben.

As for the cake slices: Najee and Freiermuth both got 15% (for Freiermuth, that translates into a TE#14 finish). That leaves 70% for the WRs, of which I gave 25% to Diontae Johnson, 22,5% to Claypool (more yards, though), 15 to George Pickens and 7,5% to Calvin Austin.

The results (with ADP in brackets):
Johnson: WR22 (13)
Claypool: WR34 (45)
Pickens: WR75 (76)
Austin: WR104 (127)

Now there is every chance that the target distribution will be different. But it would take a landslide, plus a heavily increased overall volume, to elevate Claypool into WR1 territory. I’ll be happy to pick him at his current ADP, but to draft him as WR2 or more would be quite the gamble.

Lance has a great arm. The question is how good his vision and his accuracy will be on the NFL stage. I projected a small regression in terms of pass completions for 2022. And I also do not project INTs at all. A completion rate south of 60% and an unfortunate TD-INT ratio could indeed derail his season and his career. But his upside is top 10, potentially even top 5. That’s Jalen Hurts’ current level, and he is a terrible NFL QB. I’m still optimistic that Lance will be better, but I’d also recommend to keep expectations tempered.

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I would not suggest drafting Claypool as a WR1. But I think he does have that upside from a much lower ADP position. From WR45, he’s a steal. His key is going to be yards per catch and td’s, not necessarily catches. Expect some td regression back to his 2020 level, possibly higher.

As for Lance, the comparison to Hurts is fair. But Hurts has a minimum acceptable passing efficiency. Anything less than Hurts, and most coaches would bench you. That is what I worry about for Lance.

Give me a choice between Hurts and Lance this season, and I’d take Hurts, even with an inflated ADP.