Champ Week - Starter Advice

Well somehow I made it into the champ game - thanks to the help of your recommendations …. I need two RB, two WR and one Flex….

R. Jones

AJ Brown
A Brown

Leaning toward; eckler, Jones, brown, brown and Michel……

Thanks for your help

What’s the scoring?
Are you the favorite or the underdog?

Per….underdog they got A.Rodgers , Adams and Hill . Mixon going


I worry about Ekler coming off Covid vs. a tough matchup against Denver. I’d roll with Michel and Jones at RB.

Hard to move off Brown and Brown at WR with their target share and volume.

Being a dog, I’d probably roll with Chase at Flex for the upside TD potential in a projected shootout with KC.

There is no use playing it safe when you are the underdog. There are also no reports of Ekeler being limited at practice. Unless any other reports are coming up, I am starting him with confidence - especially in PPR.

I guess “Harris” is Damien Harris, not Najee Harris?

RB: Ekeler, Michel
WR: Chase, Antonio Brown
FLEX: AJ Brown, but monitor his health status. Alternatively, start Ronald Jones or Damien Harris.

Good luck!

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