Desperate. WR Opinions please

K.J. Osborn, Nick Westbrook-Ikenea, Jamison Crowder, Tyler Boyd, Guyton (now that Keenan Allen and mike williams out to covid)

Pick 2, Full PPR- injuries and byes to other players

I like Osborn and Guyton.

Osborn should be a safe start this week. I’m currently considering to start him over Amari Cooper.

Westbrook-Ikhine is a good option, at least if Julio Jones is inactive.

Crowder offers a safe floor (if we are to assume that week 12 was an anomaly) but little upside.

Boyd is yo-yo’ing, so it’s difficult to trust him at the moment. Good upside, but his floor is close to zero.

Guyton… yes, the situation is intriguing. But Guyton has been a one-trick pony so far. He’s acting as a deep threat who will get a 50+ yard TD every other week, but is otherwise invisible. Can he really step into the shoes of Allen and Williams? I have my doubts. The Chargers also have Josh Palmer. And Donald Parham. And Jared Cook. And, most importantly, Austin Ekeler, who could have an absolute monster week.

Guyton is a risky start, if you ask me. Plenty of upside, but a floor of zero.

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So I’m sort of assuming that you pick Osborn and Crowder?? Unless Julio is out. (I currently have Osborn and Westbrook-Iekena slotted to start, assuming Julio is out. Crowder is on the wire but has been there most of the year, assuming someone will pick him up due to Corey Davis out for the year.

Yes. If Jones is out, you can consider starting Westbrook-Ikhine over Crowder. But actually, his ceiling isn’t that much higher than Crowder’s.

So yeah, Osborn and Crowder would probably be me guys.

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