Who to start as Too many choices

Need start 2 RB 2 WR one flex in standard league


D montogomery
Ingram : kamara is out
S Michel : maybe D Henderson is out

Diggs must start

So two WR : Diggs and Hopkins or waddle ?
So two RB : Ingram and Gaskin
Flex : Montogomery or SMichel or Waddle

Plz advice as im sick of putting in wrong players

Thanks so much and gl

Gaskin is going strong and has a good matchup. He’s a lock.
Montgomery - no.
Ingram - yes, with Kamara out.
Michel - yes, but only if Henderson is out.

Diggs - must start.
Waddle - hot streak, good matchup, he’s a strong start.
Hopkins is still limited at practice, as is Kyler. If both are good to go, the matchup is good, though.

RB: Gaskin, Ingram
WR: Diggs, Waddle

Hopkins (if both him and Kyler play)
OR Michel (if Henderson is out)
OR Montgomery, if neither D-Hop nor Michel are an option

Thank so much for your deep analysis

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Hey bro whats up . Hope having a great weekend. Damn M Ingram lol
Im telling u my luck is the worst! :frowning:
Unreal bs

So now what i do . Montogomery, gaskin, play early games

Im not playing hopkins this week .

What to do about henderson as he plays late afternoon . So just play monto and gaskin ?

Good luck
Man !

Henderson has been ruled out.
Gaskin and Montgomery should work. If Sony Michel is available on your waiver wire, grab him immediately. I’m starting him over Josh Jacobs today.