QB Confusion. Who to keep as a #3

I’m stacked in my Yahoo Fantasy League with QB. I have Mahomes, K. Murray, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance. I’ve been trying to trade Mahomes for a top RB, but no bites at all. I want to keep 3 QB’s on my roster. For dynasty leagues, who would you keep as your 3rd, Fields or Lance? Or do you think I could trade either Fields or Lance for a younger, somewhat stud RB? Thanks in advance.

Fields will get more chances, but Lance may be the better QB. However, you may not see that this year. If it’s a redraft league, I would prefer Fields. In dynasty, I’d take my chances on Lance.

However, Mahomes and Murray can cover you for MANY years regardless of dynasty or redraft. Trade both of those backups for whatever you can get. Unless this is a superflex and you need a #3, Mahomes and Murray will never see the bench for these 2 youngsters.