Trading for Barkley

Just got Barkley, gave away James Robinson and Devonta Smith. Who would you say benefits from this?

If Barkley manages to stay healthy - you.
He doesn’t have the best history in terms of staying healthy, though. It’s a risky trade with upside.

Big question: Redraft or dynasty? If this is a dynasty trade, I’ll take Robinson and Smith, especially for Smith, who has better potential over the next few years. If it’s redraft, Barkley is a huge risk, but one with big upside. Since Robinson is hurt, he’s a question mark too, albeit not nearly as big a question as Barkley.

This is a gamble trade.

Yeah it’s a redraft, I’m set for wide receivers, so I figured Robinson was an ok trade off for Barkley

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I like your thinking!