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Barkley for Dobbins, Gibson and 2022 2nd?

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If you have a team set up to make a championship run I think this is an OK price to pay for Barkley. I have avoided him on all my teams so far but he very well could be the RB1 for next couple of years.

I have Barkley but his injury history is killing my seasons… I think Dobbins blows up this year.

I would pick Dobbins, Gibson and 2022 2nd.

I think that’s a great trade - Barkely may have another one or two stellar seasons left, but Dobbins and Gibson will be solid and who knows what you can get with the 2022 pick

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Ask for a liitle more, but ultimately accept the trade

Hell yes! Assuming you are trading away Barkley? Otherwise, no way!

Yeah, even removing the injury concerns around Barkley, that seems like a pretty big win for you getting Dobbins and Gibson for him coming off a lost year.