Trade Value for Latavius Murray

I have Latavius Murray and can’t trade him to the team that has Alvin because they won the league last year. I can afford to trade him. I Need to lose some veterans to open up my taxi squad. Is he worth anything in draft picks? Four round rookie only.

I really don’t see any trade value for Murray outside of being a good handcuff for Kamara. See what you can get out of the league winner for him.

One thing about handcuffs: They take up bench space, which limits your flexibility during bye weeks. Granted, that’s not the worst thing to ever happen to a team, but it’s something to consider. Don’t be afraid to trade a handcuff to the league winner.

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Murray has some flex appeal, even with Kamara healthy and running at full speed.

Last year, Murray had 144 carries for 647 yards and 4 TDs, plus another one through the air. He finished as RB35, and all that without Kamara missing any time AND with Taysom Hill being involved a lot (8 rushing TDs).

I don’t see Murray regressing a lot. I currently have him as RB40 in my ranking. Again, that’s with Kamara and Hill playing their usual roles in the ground game.

I love players like Murray. They are great as handcuffs, because if the starter gets injured, they can step into their role. And they still have standalone flex appeal, even with the starter being healthy.

I traded Murray away for the 2.9 last year, and wouldn’t accept less than an early 3rd for him.

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Thank you. I’m new to Dynasty and I tried to trade him to the League winner but apparently we have a rule that the winner can’t make any trades the next season. Not sure why. Think it has to do with winning two in a row and taking the big pot? Your right he is taking up space on my roster because we can only hold guys up to three years in the league on our bench. I appreciate you feedback.

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This is Super Helpful Zak. Thank you for your feedback. I kinda handcuffed myself by holding onto some veterans. New to Dynasty and I can’t bring guys from my bench because I can’t put guys like Murray on the Bench. We can only have guys on the bench that have been in the league three years or less. Dynasty has been a learning process for sure. lol Thank you again.

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