Trade Taylor because of Bye?

Jonathon Taylor is obviously a beast…BUT he has a BYE week 14 which is smack in the middle of the play offs.
Thoughts on trading high for someone(s) that isn’t in a bye in play off week? Or continue to ride the stud and pray that week

What is your league schedule?

Most leagues switched to 14 regular season games, with the playoffs in weeks 15-17. Which does make a ton of sense, to avoid players being affected by BYE weeks during the playoffs.

If your league’s playoffs start earlier, then yeah, you need to at least think about it. But keep in mind that, if you trade Taylor away now, there is a risk you’ll find him on your opponent’s lineup when you make it to the finals.

There is no other healthy RB playing on Taylor’s level. Mixon and Ekeler at least have have favorable schedules in week 14-16. Both are not without health concerns, though.

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