Dealing with week 14 byes NFL


As the season is approaching, what is everyone doing to deal with the week 14 byes in the NFL?

I’m thinking to use it as week one of double-week playoff (14/15, 16/17). Just curious what everyone else is thinking.


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Good point! It never occured to me that bye weeks are now colliding with the fantasy playoffs.

I just put this up for vote in both my dynasty leagues. Leave the playoffs in weeks 14-16? Or move them back to weeks 15-17?

14-16 obviously means that some owners will have to replace bye week players for their first fantasy playoff game.

But it also means moving the fantasy finals 1 week further away from the end of the regular NFL season. So the risk becomes lower that some of your starters may see a reduced workload (or even get benched) for the fantasy championship week.

I am limiting the playoffs to weeks 15-17. I haven’t decided whether I am going with 3 rounds, or a 1-week first round and 2-week second round, but either is good.

Yeah, don’t start the playoffs in a week where teams have a bye (14). Start after that, and end by Week 17 (which carries the same risk of players being rested this year as Week 16 has carried in previous seasons).

If you don’t want to change your league’s schedule to add an extra random opponent, just make Week 1 a “Play All” week, and give the top half of the league scorers a win and the bottom half a loss. Then your regular schedule from Weeks 2-14, and playoffs Weeks 15-17.