Trade Montgomery for Higbee?

I need a TE bad, lost Ertz for a few weeks. Should I trade Montgomery straight up for Higbee?

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Probably not a bad deal, if you can afford to lose an RB.

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Unless there is another RB I have that is a better deal? My RB’s:

Gus Edwards
Damien Harris
James Cook

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If they’ll take Montgomery, Harris, or Cook, go right ahead.

Herbert is injured and likely out a few weeks which jumps the value of Montgomery.

You have CMC who lost value to Mitchell, Swift who cannot play, and Foreman who should lose a lot of his snaps to a healthy Chuba. Edwards is good for a week and that’s it.

I would look to waivers with a Moreau, etc.

That was being said last week, and it didn’t happen. Chuba was healthy and Foreman still dominated.

Both Panthers RBs play different roles. Foreman is a bruiser, Hubbard a pass catching back.

And as long as the Panthers keep going for 100+ yards on the ground, Foreman’s production is safe. He isn’t game-script proof, though. In games where the Panthers are trailing, or where the opposing D shuts the run down, Hubbard may outperform Foreman.

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