Target Herbert/Jacobs

Sitting on Foreman and Swift. Both risky in my opinion. First could get death by committee with Hubbard returning and Swift could get the committee impact and he’s fragile. If I can swing it, should I look to move on from one or both and if so would you target Herbert or Jacobs? I can use either Swift/Foreman plus some WR depth that I can unload as part of a deal. Full PPR 12 man league.

If you want to escape RBBC scenarios, Khalil Herbert is probably the last player you’d want to trade for, as he is stuck in a 3-man committee. And while the Bears are a run-first team (you could almost say run-only), even for a team with a lot of ground production, 3 rushers are one too many.

Jacobs is an ideal candidate to escape RBBC, though. As long as he’s healthy, he’s got that backfield almost entirely to himself.

I doubt his owner will give him up for Foreman and/or Swift, though.

Thanks…great point on 3 headed monster in Chicago. Fields isn’t helping Herbert situation so I’d be making things worse. Agree on trick of getting someone to give up Jacobs. His team is floundering but I have some assets if he’s looking to “blow up” his roster in a last attempt to make playoffs. We’ll see…

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Swift +Rondale Moore for Jacobs…or go all in with Swift/Foreman/Moore for Jacobs. I’d end up with Etienne, Jacobs, Stevenson +Jaylen Warren on bench. Still have Wandale Robinson, Taysom Hill, Kyren Williams (if he gets on field) and would have to do some waiver wire work. If I could pull it off:


Swift + Rondale for Jacobs sounds like a fair deal. Question is if the other team is WR needy enough to consider the trade. There’s only one way to find out.

My trade partner claims he’s going to accept but still hasn’t despite me asking him what’s going on. Thinking I just cancel it and hang tight with Swift. Foreman delivered again last night and looked legit. Worst case is I end up with Swift/Foreman flex scenario with Stevenson/Etienne at RB1/RB2…not exactly crying over that given current RB situation out there. Maybe a sign that I should be happy where I’m at :man_shrugging: