Yikes, Christian McCaffrey- pick up Chuba Hubbard?

I knew it was coming, my best player out with an injury. I need to prepare for the worst. Do I pick up his backup running back Chuba Hubbard until he’s back (crossing fingers) or go for one of the other top availables? Other RBs on bench are James Conner and Zack Moss.

Get Hubbard, if possible. And keep him on your bench. Personally, I wouldn’t own CMC without having Hubbard too. CMC has shown he can’t handle the heavy workload that Carolina likes to give him.

People ignore the fact that CMC is only 5’11", 205 pounds. That’s a good size for a back, but it’s not in Derrick Henry territory. You just can’t give a back that size 400 touches a year. I predicted this months ago. And he will keep breaking down if they give him this kind of workload.

They din’t put CMC on IR, so he will probly miss less than the 3 weeks he would have had to miss if they did.

So I wouldn’t get too hubba over Hubbard, if you have other options for a couple of weeks. The price you’d have to pay to get him just for the short term would probably be prohibitive. But yeah, if you can get him cheap and you wouldn’t have to drop a valuable asset, then go for it.