Keep 1; McCaffrey or Jefferson

1/2 PPR League

I can keep McCaffrey or Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson seems like the safer pick; McCaffrey is definitely the higher ceiling. Looks like the rest of the league is keeping top RBs, which makes me lean McCaffrey. Thoughts?

You basically answered your own question there.

If you believe CMC can stay healthy this year (and I wouldn’t rule it out), keep him. If not, JJ is as fine a keeper as they come.

In many drafts, JJ is going in the first round.

Last year, CMC was the ECR 1 in spite of playing almost nothing the year before. And he missed lots of games last year too, disappointing his owners yet again.

This year, CMC is at #2 in ECR and ADP, so the lemmings are following the experts over the cliff once more.

Don’t be a lemming. JJ is a perfectly fine keeper. Let CMC be somebody else’s headache.

I would go with JJ…CMC seems to be to be injury prone

I would not draft or keep CMC. I was very happy in not taking him last year and will not trust him again.

Jefferson is an elite, young, foundation for your team now and in future.

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