Trade for Brady after dark hurt

Dak is hurt should I go and try and get another qb? My back up is tua 12 team ppr league . There’s a guy who’s looking to trade Tom Brady . My players are dak cmc mixon lamb aj brown Pittman. Cmet bench dobbins aj Dillon toney penny dj Moore r.stevenson tua . That dude has L.Jackson Henry Gibson evans m.Thomas montgomery m.williams bateman gesicki Brady burks Ingram burkhead j.jones any good trade offer to get Brady ?

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In my view he appears shaky at RB. Gibson likely dropping snaps when the rookie recovers and Montgomery at risk to Herbert. Dobbins would be fair but you are in need.

It’s a 12 team league, just drop Tua and pick up another QB from the waiver wire who has a good matchup next week.

It would be ridiculous to trade a valuable player asset for a QB.

Next you’ll want to offer up Mixon for a Kicker or something.

Welcome aboard!

At this point, I’d run with Tua. Trading assets for Brady is a pricey way to fix this issue. If you need another backup, maybe offer him Dobbins for Brady, or even cut Dobbins and grab Cooper Rush.

Great God in heaven, now I’ve seen everything…

The advice is to drop a top 20 RB for a backup QB that might or might not be useful for a month, max.

Do that, and please, report back to us on how it works out for you.

Dobbins is a good RB in a bad situation. Who’s the Ravens primary RB in the red zone? Oh yeah, Lamar Jackson…

Well I didn’t say he was a top 10 RB, did I…?

He’s still a top 20 RB, and you don’t drop those for a part-time backup QB in a 12 team single-QB league.

You just don’t.

My first suggestion was to start Tua. Absent that, it leaves only dropping Tua or Dobbins.

The problem with Dobbins is he is only a top 20 RB at best. He will never rise above that in the Ravens system. On top of that, he is coming off a serious injury, from which he still isn’t 100% recovered, having missed last week’s game. His floor is a goose egg, which he saw last week.

Why on earth would you cut Dobbins for Rush?

Or the obvious–dropping Dak.

Because it’s Ed. Consider the source.

As a last resort, depending on what he wants to do.

You guys need to understand my views on Dobbins. On his BEST day, he’s a top 20 RB. But he is still slow coming back from last year’s injury. Even IF he does come back, his upside is limited to top 20 RB, and this isn’t an every week thing. Even then, he won’t be the top TD rusher on his team, with Lamar Jackson getting that honor.

Even looking at his last full season from 2 years ago (and he only played in 15 games then), he finished as RB25 in standard, and 31st in PPR. He doesn’t get you anything from receiving work. Think Derrick Henry without the size, or touches.

On his best day as a pro, he ran for 160 yards on 13 attempts and 2 TDs, so a little better than top 20.

On his average days, he ran for 6.2 yards per carry in college, and 6.0 yards per carry across 134 carries as a pro. Gus Edwards also had 144 carries that season, explaining why Dobbins was only RB21 in half-PPR scoring. Dobbins will probly approach 200 carries this season, assuming he starts in Week 2. At his career average plus the same 10 TDs, that would make him about RB14 this season.

But even if he was still RB21, I wouldn’t cut him for a backup QB.

Let’s go look at the numbers, in 15 games from 2020:

He has had 2 days over 100 yards.
He has NEVER scored a receiving td. his best receiving day was 4 catches for 38 yards.
He has only had 2 days with 2 rushing td’s, although one of them came on a stat line of 7 carries for 22 yards.
His statistical median rushing yards was 48.
He did score at least 1 td in 7 games, 9 total.

YPC in college, plus a few bucks, will get you a burnt coffee at Starbucks.

YPC in the pros is nice, but you have to do that over many touches, which Dobbins doesn’t get. He is no Barry Sanders.

And if wishes were ponies, we’d all ride.

If the owner has no faith in his Tua backup plan, and he wants to ride with Dak, that leaves few options. He has to cut someone to pick up a backup, and Cooper Rush is one of the few who has shown he can start in Dallas and be successful.

If he likes Tua enough to keep him, but not enough to cut him, that means he has to look elsewhere for a player to cut. And Dobbins won’t win anyone a championship.

You’re just like some cartoon scientist, scrutinizing irrelevant stats and missing their import–missing the forest for the trees, as it were.

When you consider that as a rookie that year, Dobbins got the third-most rushing attempts in the Ravens’ backfield, those stats start to look pretty darned good. As the RB3 on his own team, he had 2 100+ days and TDs in 7 games, including 2 multiple TD games, all the while maintaining a 6.0 yard per carry average–a full 50% higher than the league average–over 134 rushing attempts? And now he’s the RB2, if not RB1 (depending on how they feel about protecting Lamar)?

Sign me up.

Oh, and did you know that Justin Jefferson has NEVER scored a rushing TD?


You sold me! He’s Derick Henry reincarnated! Sell all my Derrick Henry shares, and get me Dobbins!

Sarcasm off.

Do you even listen to your own stats? Bringing up Justin Jefferson was like the cherry on the top of a crap sundae!

3rd most rushing attempts, and he still couldn’t play 16 games, and got hurt and missed the following year.

And still got out-statified by his own QB? (I like that word, statified!)

They haven’t re-signed Lamar yet, so his protection is growing really weak.

I’m sure you’ll give up Derrick Henry for him, right?

Of course not. Because deep down, you know Dobbins best day will never match Derrick Henry’s best day. Even if Henry will be injured the following week.

You can prop up Dobbins all you want, but you know his ceiling is limited on Baltimore. One or two good weeks doesn’t win a championship.

This is the logical fallacy known as a “strawman argument”–make up what the other person’s argument is, and then attack that instead of the argument they axually made.

Nowhere have I said Dobbins was better than Henry. I’m on record saying that Henry is the best player in fantasy this year, and on record projecting Dobbins as a top 20 RB, so to pretend like “Axe Elf is pimping Dobbins over Henry, but he wouldn’t give up Henry for him!” is about as logical as dumping Dobbins for a backup QB.

These little red-butted monkey squealings of yours aren’t fooling anyone.

What do you call attacking the one strawman argument in the middle of a long post that debunked everything else you just said? I guess you argue with what you got, when you got nothing. And you clearly have nothing. So go back under your bridge, little troll.

I call it “exposing the fallacy.”

I’ll take that as your surrender, since you can’t counter my arguments.

You two should message each other as the only two who want to hear each other in War & Peace debates, lol

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