Deebo for k. Allen? Playoffs at stake

So we’re in week 14. I need a win this week to make the playoffs. Full ppr 2qb league with 40yd TD bonus. Should I trade deebo and Curtis Samuel (who is just sitting on my bench) for Keenan Allen? Both have history of injuries. With garoppolo going down, I’m not sure if this will hurt deebo or perhaps he could return to what he looked like last year, being used more in dump offs and the run game. I do also have eckler as my rb1 so would I be loading up on too many chargers? Mike Williams is also coming back. This week’s game if very important, if I lose I’m out. Any advice is appreciated :+1:

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I would probably hold Deebo and Samuel.

I think Allen will have a big game vs Miami this week but, when Williams is back I do not know if he is the better choice.

I have to go with Allen. Deebo is having a bad year, and replacing his QB for the third time surely isn’t going to help. Looking at Allen, pretty much like Herbert does, with 14 targets last week .Allen’s last two games have been good.

We can only guess, but my money is indeed on “Deebo will benefit from the situation”. Or at least it won’t hurt him.

Allen looked better over the last 2 weeks, no doubt. But you don’t want to start him in week 16 in Indianapolis.

Deebo has a tough matchup next week. But with his versatile role, he will still provide a safe floor, even if the Niners don’t get anything going through the air.

Overall, Allen probably offers more upside. But as so often, it comes at a price. Deebo might be the safer option.

Personally, I’m leaning Deebo. But I wouldn’t call it a mistake to make that trade, either.