Trade Deadline Coming- Who Will Be There?

We are coming into our stretch playoff drive with the trade deadline looming.

What are you looking for? What are you willing to give?
Please add if you are Dynasty, Keeper or Redraft.

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As far as the South Beach league goes, I’m not really looking for anything, except for the bye weeks to end!

For my turnaround team in the 1QB dynasty, I’m trying to get my hands on another RB. Going into the season with only Travis Etienne and struggling as expected because of it, I have been able to use Eno Benjamin for a few games, and now since I acquired D’Onta Foreman, my team shows some serious punch.

Problem is Foreman probably won’t be good for next season, and as I’m winning games, my 2023 1st may not be good enough to take a shot at one of the top 2023 rookies.

So I reached out to the Rachaad White owner to test the waters there. I would be ready to give up Pittman plus a 2023 2nd, let’s see if he will bite. I would still need a good rookie RB next year, but White could be useful next season, as long as the Bucs won’t draft a top RB (which I don’t expect them to do). White could have a 2023 season similar to Dameon Pierce’s current one.

My current roster looks like this. (x) means I intend to cut the player at the end of the season:

QB: T Lance (IR), D Jones, A Dalton (x)

RB: T Etienne, D Foreman, L Murray (x), K Gainwell, N Hines, E Benjamin (x), TDP (TAXI) (x), R Blackshear (TAXI)

WR: J Chase (IR), J Waddle, M Pittman, G Pickens, J Meyers, V Jefferson, KJ Osborn (x), D Slayton (x), T Marshall (x)

TE: P Freiermuth, D Schultz

K: W Lutz
D: Arizona Cardinals (streaming)

If I can’t get him traded, I intend to cut Tyrion Davis-Price and replace him with Dallas rookie TE Jake Ferguson. The Cowboys could move on from Dalton Schultz after this season, so Ferguson could be worth a stash.

I have one league with a Nov. 19 trade deadline and made my blockbuster by giving McCaffrey for J Taylor and Waddle, which looks VG.

In our So Be Keeper league thing have worked. themselves out with the Ertz injury and Jameson being moved back to Dec. for possible activation to allow me to not have to trade anyone.

Kirk, Schultz, London, Pickins and Toney all impressed and I can wait until after games in week 12 to make any or no move with our late deadline after week 12.

I would need to get a player I would keep and not a #1 pick as that would kill my Mixon trade value getting my pick back.

Otherwise, all I would want is draft picks. I am talking with Yahoo on this but looks unlikely until the off season.

My co-commish Kevin has been dealing with Yahoo for 18 years and tells me we can trade for a pick BUT it will not be added until next season while a player can be moved now as long as all is described in the trade.

Stay tuned.

Keenan Allen is no longer IR eligible and now I have to make the decision if I drop him, or a player with less ROS but more next-season potential that I had intended to keep (Dotson, Dulcich).


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Zak, as it seems it should be, I am going through the same today with Mike Williams. He will practice and is moved to questionable, killing my waiver week.
I cannot make any deal without activating him and if I do I have no spot to make any deal. GODDAMNIT!!! (Cartman) lol

However, he will be matched at hove vs KC a sweet match up. If he and Allen can play, Herbert may think he died and went to heaven with actual WRs he can throw to.

I have been relegated to observer on waivers, am exploring player for pick options and will make a move Sat.

I will message you later on the pick options I like.

Not to be outdone I see. I lose TE Ertz and now you have Goedert out. :slight_smile:

I just looked at our standings. Zak, if you beat Mack and after I beat Ed there would be a 4 way record tie for the second bye with 3 games left.


I’d better beat Mack, as otherwise, my personal playoffs would start in week 12.
Definitely a close race.

I am happy for the balance in our league as the other teams are not far off and two managers were stuck with a team they took over with another just snake bit.

However personally THIS SUCKS! JK :slight_smile: Well kinda.

It’s good to have dreams, until you wake up and smell the toast burning! :wink:

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This should not surprise you Ed. I advised you of what was to come a week or so ago. At the time I did not know how crippled I would be with Ertz out, Herbert and swift not close to themselves to go with Etienne and Kirk on bye.

Not to worry, I will somehow pull a rabbit out of my hat. :slight_smile:

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The Rednex await you, SoBe1Baloney…


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Friend of mine in my SFLEX dynasty had been the target for constant mockery in recent years. The league has 1 TE slot and no TE premium. So most teams have 1 startable TE and 1 backup.

He had 4 startable ones, and we used to joke about it.

Now he just asked who would trade him a TE. Because the 4 he has are:
Darren Waller (IR)
Dallas Goedert (IR)
Zach Ertz (IR)
Irv Smith (IR, dropped after the Vikings acquired Hockenson)

That’s what you get when you hoard TEs… :sweat_smile:


That’s some serious bad luck!

Zak, I know you’ve had some problems getting league email. Here is what I sent yesterday.

Managers can keep up to 8 players on their rosters. However, you must understand the options if you do not keep top players. You will get your draft pick back with a greatly diminished value. You have to look at what may be available after the keepers are deleted from the draft.

I am guessing who will be there in the top four rounds and it is not much.

1st round- Javonte Williams due to horrible injury, Harris not what he was, and maybe Cook still producing but aging.

2nd- Fournette


4th- K Allen, Elliot, Mitchell, Waller, Conner?

Not much to pick from until the later rounds and not seeing any high trade value for any top pick not kept.

Yeah, I saw it. It’s not that I’m not getting these mails, it’s just that Yahoo sends several e-mails every day, so I have directed them into a burner mailbox.

We still plan to hold only 1 draft per season, that will include both non-keepers and rookies, correct?

Yes, I see no other viable option and the rookies will add to a lesser degree what the keepers take away for overall draft depth.

From what I have seen in past Keeper leagues, with few exceptions, Rookie picks start in round 7 for some and later for others as we saw in our first draft.

Hall was the first one taken in the 4th with Pierce in the 5th.