Dynasty Trade for team in rebuild mode

14 team - SF - 1 PPR

I took over a team this year that is a bottom team this year with very little depth and draft picks (no 1st or 2nd this year and next). Looking to rebuild this team.

Give: Diggs and Elliot

Get: Pittman, Mooney, Rachaad White, and 2023 late 1st


That’s an outstanding trade for you. You’re getting a lot of young talent plus a 1st round pick.

A must-do trade, especially if you have no draft picks for 2023 yet.

Maybe you can later use Mooney to turn that late 1st into a mid 1st.

Dynasty rebuilds require patience, but can be fun. I’m just putting the finishing touches on a rebuild team myself. Took it over 2 years ago, and next year, I’ll be in business.

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I’m new to dynasty, been doing redraft only for forever. I know it’ll take a couple years to rebuild and get competative, but this seemed fun and I’m for the challenge.

The initial offer was Diggs for Pittman, late 1st, and early 2nd. Do you like either deal more than the other?

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I prefer the first offer, only because Elliot is long in the tooth as RB’s go. For dynasty purposes, I’d rather have White at this point. And Mooney has a solid future with Justin Fields as the QB in Chicago.

Replacing Mooney and White with a 2nd round pick isn’t as sweet to me, even if you do get to keep Elliot.

Getting Rachaad White for Zeke is a good dynasty trade. It should be an upgrade for the next season, and that’s your focus right now. I’ve been trying to trade for White all season long in my dynasties. Sadly, I didn’t get him.

Ask if you can get the early 2nd instead of Mooney. I don’t hate Mooney, and the Bears are trending up. But Fields became a fantasy QB1 because of his rushing, not because he suddenly became an excellent passer.

The 2023 rookie class is loaded with talent, and an early 2nd could net you a player with more upside than what Mooney offers. So if the other owner is ready to give you that 2nd instead of Mooney - great. If not, it’s still a fine trade for you.

They backed out of including White. So I tried negotiating for more on the other offer. Ended up

Giving: Diggs, 2023 early 3rd

Getting: Pittman, Mooney, 2023 late 1st, 2023 early 2nd

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Still a very good trade for you. Getting White would have been sweet, but the other owner probably came to his senses and realized that RW is a player you would absolutely not want to trade away in a dynasty league right now.

I still like that deal.