Danny Dimes for Juju?

I’m in heavy rebuilding mode in my SFX, PPR dynasty league (12 teams, VERY deep rosters) and I have this offer on the table. Would you trade Daniel Jones for Juju? I’m easily 2 years from being relevant, so looking at these two purely as assets.

Juju feels like a ‘buy low’, while DJ feels like a ‘sell as high as he’ll ever be’.

Thoughts? Anyone disagree w/ this?

If you are looking to build, then Jones is a better play than Juju, especially in a SFX. Keep in mind, we don’t know where Juju may be next year. Maybe better, maybe worse. At least we know the Giants are trying to build around Jones.

Jones will either have his breakthrough this year, and will be the QB for a rather potent offense for years to come. Or he will be replaced and his career will be over. Typical boom-or-bust candidate. Currently, the signs point towards boom, but it’s not stable enough yet to call it a trend.

JuJu will be a free agent after the season. No matter if he leaves or stays in Pittsburgh, we don’t know who his QB will be next year.

In an extremely pass heavy offense, he had one strong season so far, and that was 2018. The chances that he’ll be a hot asset next year are close to zero. You will probably find a better WR in the second round of next year’s rookie draft.

So why would you trade away a QB in a superflex league for that?

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