Trade away M.Pittman for Waller in PPR? (WHIR)

My team includes: Diggs, Aiyuk, Godwin, (Pittman), McLaurin, Dotson … [we start 2WR + a Flex].

My TE is basically a streamer at this point; drafted Frieirmuth, but just dropped him to maybe roll with Ertz.

Will help in response.

Not sure why you would trade ANYTHING to get a TE not named Kelce.

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Well - I mean - Waller’s certainly better that frickin’ Ertz. And if Pittman would be riding the pine, could be worth it (though right now he’s probably my WR 3 with Aiyuk hurt).

I target a rookie in keepers and dynasty or play waivers. There is no revelation or
big difference coming at that position, other than Kincaid I hope. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Is he now? Let’s take a look at some week 1+2 stats:

Waller: 5; 8
Ertz: 10; 8

Team passing:
Giants: 15/28 for 104 yds; 26/37 for 321 yds
Cards: 21/30 for 132 yds; 21/31 for 228 yds

Receivers with 2+ targets
Giants: 6; 6
Cards: 5; 4

So the Cards actually completed more passes while targeting less receivers, resulting in a higher number of targets for Ertz than for Waller.

So why is Waller better than frickin’ Ertz, who has been the most targeted TE in the NFL through weeks 1-2?

Pittman OTOH is your best WR in terms of targets. 23 targets, #4 among WRs. Well ahead of Diggs (20), Aiyuk (14), Godwin (14), Dotson (12) and McLaurin (10).

In other words: you’re trading your WR target leader away in exchange for a target downgrade on TE.

I wouldn’t.

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