Give Gus Edwards for Dalton Shultz?

I am tired of picking crappy TEs all season. I like the connection with Shultz and his QB. But the guy wants Edwards and he is my opponent this week. All good TEs are gone from waivers and i mean gone. The issue is if i trade away Gus, My only RBs are Swift, Pierce and Gainwell. So my RB depth will be gone. My current TE is Mayer, I am not sold on him and QB issues there. I do have Drake London who i can trade. Maybe trade London for Hunt and a low end WR?

Should i make this trade?

TEs not named Kelce or Andrews are not worth giving up anything of value for. They all score 4-8 points per week unless they get one of their 5-6 TDs on the year that week, so you’re not going to find guaranteed double-digit points at the position each week–don’t handicap yourself chasing that.

Ertz just went on IR; is Trey McBride available?

Ya, I just picked up Schultz out of FA to pair with Kmet.

I believe there’s a possibility that within the week, the Titans will deal D.Henry to the Ravens, so the Bus may not be worth as much for long off his probable peak game of the season.