Should I make this move?

I am sitting pretty on top of my league at 7-2 with the most points in my league.
Thinking of making a move for an upgrade at TE because that is pretty much my only weakness. Or maybe packaging 2 or 3 of my WR’s to upgrade.

Here is my team:-
QB: Stafford
RB: Kamara, Elliott, Mitchell, Jamaal Williams
WR: Kupp, Pittman, Cooks, Waddle, Juedy, Aiyuk, Crowder
TE: Cook, Freiermuth

I was thinking of doing something like this:
I get: Hockenson
I give: Freiermuth and Juedy/Waddle (not sure which one would be better to trade)
Reckon that’s worthwhile?
Hockenson is really the best TE that would be available for trade as the guys with Andrews, Kittle, Kelce and Waller all either wouldn’t trade them or our teams don’t match up for a trade.

Or should I look at packaging say Cooks, Aiyuk and Juedy/Waddle together to see if I could get a WR2?


I’m assuming this is a redraft league?

Hockenson is a tempting target, as he is one of the few TEs that do not need a TD to score double digits in fantasy. But Freiermuth isn’t that far away, plus he seems to have turned into Big Ben’s favorite RZ target. I’m not sure if you get a big upgrade by trading him away for Hockenson.

You have a WR2+ in Pittman, so there is no real urgency there. Cooks scores reliably, Aiyuk is finally trending up, so I’d probably not trade them away either, unless you can get a real asset for them.

Do not underestimate roster depth on the way to your fantasy title. There is every chance that at least 1 of your starters will go down. And if you then do not have a startable replacement on your bench, it can cost you the title. So think twice before giving up depth for a slight improvement among your current starters.

Take a serious look at TE scoring. After the elite guys you mentioned, there isn’t much in the TE wasteland. Don’t be fooled into selling the farm for what amounts to a borderline WR3.

I am in the same boat in my redraft league. I have complete garbage at TE, yet I’m 7-2. I am starting Ricky Seals Jones and Foster Moreau this week, with C.J. Uzomah on my bench cause it’s his bye week.

This is a superflex league too. Look at the rest of my roster for this week:

QB & superflex: Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott
RB: Darrell Henderson and Michael Carter
WR: Stefon Diggs, Cordarelle Patterson, Jaylen Waddle
Flex: Terry McLaurin
K: Greg Joseph
DST: Arizona

I can live with garbage at my 2 TE positions with that roster, as the rest of my roster rocks my league. I have a 6 game winning streak at the moment. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Best advice I can give here is keep your bench stocked with replacements for your starters, in case of injury. My bench:

QB: Derek Carr
RB: Antonio Gibson, Rhamondre Stevenson
WR: Corey Davis
DST: Las Vegas
IR: TE James O’Shaughnessy

Truth be told, I’d kill for Cook or Freiermuth at this point. So your roster is easily better than mine.

Again: that is very much true for the 2020 landscape, where we had Kelce (17.7 half PPR PPG), Waller (15.1) and Kittle (13.3). And behind those 3, TE production fell off a cliff. Even mid-ranged TE2s still had an average production of 7-8 FFP. In other words: if you didn’t have one of the big 3, you could as well stream the position.

This year looks different. Kelce still sits atop, but with only 13.3 half PPR PPG. That’s a whooping drop of 25% in fantasy production. And behind him, there are 10 more TEs who’ll easily give you around 10 points or more per game.

Pat Freiermuth is one of the risers into that category. Hockenson still gets more targets, which is why I won’t blame anybody for that roster move. But it isn’t that much of an upgrade that I’d throw in a major asset on top of Muuuth to get T.J.

And I would definitely not trade Freiermuth away in dynasty or keeper leagues.