Tough choice in a deep league for a flex

One of my deep dynasty PPR leagues has me forced to make this choice for a flex position this week: RB Zamir White or TE Isaiah Likely?

Surprisingly, projections have Likely outperforming White by a slim margin. But if White is the RB to spell Josh Jacobs, he might carry more value. On the other hand, a lot of people are expecting Likely to be the third receiving option in Baltimore. Both are a gamble.

Deciding on what two nobody’s, who may not even play, do this Sunday to “start” one is not fantasy but a boring nightmare.

Watching grass grow sounds to be more exciting and fun.

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Both are dart throws at best. I’d probably take my chances with Likely. The Raiders have a tough matchup, small chances for second-stringers to collect garbage time points there.

The Ravens may be able to keep the Jets in check well enough to test what they have in Likely outside of preseason games.

Are you sure there are no alternatives on the waiver wire, or even your bench?

If Logan Thomas is out, you could try John Bates. I really liked him last year, wouldn’t be surprised if he took another step forward, now that RSJ is out of town.

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White is ranked at 160, #52 RB and projects at 2.29 points.

Likely is #307, #34 TE and 3.82 points.

And these are "starters?’ Be still my heart, one is ranked with D’s and the other after kickers.

We’ve all seen Ed’s mocks. Now he’s learning what happens when you fill your rosters with rookies and 3rd-stringers.

Can’t say I really feel sorry for him; I tried to correct this problem earlier in preseason, but he was having none of it.

Now he’s having a lot of it.

This is a fair example of some dynasty leagues and my view on all, not just Ed.

I see no point or fun in a 25 man roster in a 16 team league. After the top 1oo or so, how many fans care? Why do it? To show you know the 4th string guys on every team? Who cares?

This is why I like deep dynasty leagues with deep rosters. You can’t just step out and fix your problems on the waiver wire. It forces you to scout much deeper than normal leagues. All NFL starters are taken, even on the bad teams.

Long term, I like Likely more, as his potential is top TE in the NFL.

While I like Zamir White, I doubt he will be the top RB, but he could break the top 5 potentially, in the right circumstances. Just not this year.

I decided to take the moon shot with Likely. The Jets defense is a juicy target, even with their improvements.

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