Deep Leagues Are Different

We need to realize that deep leagues are a different beast. I tend to play from a deep league perspective, where we have 7-8 starters, plus 8-ish bench players, and some IR and taxi squad players too, not to mention 12 to 16 teams.

When you look at my views on players, you probably tend to see them from a shallow league perspective. Deep leagues are a different beast, and need to be respected as such.

The problem isn’t recommending drafting Zamir White in the 26th round–more power to ya–the problem is when you start recommending these deep dynasty prospects over players that ARE relevant in leagues of normal size and depth.

Look at all those mocks you posted in August where you’d take Najee Harris and then fill out your RB corps with rookie prospects. Those weren’t deep dynasty leagues, they were normal 12-team mocks. How’s that team with Najee, Pierce, Walker and Allgeier doing now? Walker injured, Najee can’t decide if he’s injured or not, Pierce playing second fiddle to Rex Burkhead, and Allgeier a healthy scratch in Week 1.

THAT’S the problem.

On the other hand, your evaluation of mainstream talent is just as bad.

Remember how you had to have Kyle Pitts by the 4th round–sometimes the 3rd round–of every draft?

The Seattle Seahawks currently have three TEs on their team who have scored more PPR fantasy points than Kyle Pitts.

You can’t make this stuff up.