Too Many Good WRs

I have a total of nine good WRs including IR and two unproven rookies I like.

Active roster:
A J Brown
C D Lamb

Treylon Burks- back week 10
Mike Williams- back week 12
Jameson Williams- could be out for the year

This is a keeper league and next year really does matter. I’m OK for now but, I will have 5 byes in week 9 and be a spot short to fill them. Only other options are my 3rd RB Michael Carter and 1st TE when healthy Schultz. An IR move only helps if someone gets injured.

Who would you move?

No Ed, you are NOT getting AJ Brown for any trade offer. lol

Zak, I am NOT gonna offer a 2 for 1 to get Jacobs back. He would just get injured and continue to torture me. :slight_smile:


Why did you only list three of them?



Why did you only list three of them?

I was bored and decided to show you up for the know little, big ego fool you are.
Pick on someone in your own class. Perhaps there is a Girl Scout or Cheerleader league with a forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, but I’m good. I have Davante Adams. If anything happens to him, I have Jerry Jeudy and Garrett Wilson. I’m pretty deep at RB, so I only have to start one WR, although I do have Jeudy in a flex spot.

EDIT: I just realized I have D’Onta Foreman on my bench. Sorry Jerry Jeudy, maybe next week. Jerry is back on the bench.

Ed, you asked for A J n return for Stevenson before he was the top RB, for Wilson and Jeudy with Wilson dead and Jeudy average and then Pitts.

The anticipation of your next offer would not allow me to sleep. So, I decided to put an end to my anxiety by saying No More. lol

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Proving you should have taken my Stevenson offer! Bad move!

Will this be something that is happening any time soon, or will the threat of you showing me up be hanging over my head forever…?

Impossible. Nobody could be in Axe Elf’s class without Axe Elf’s assistance, and then it’s really just an honorary membership based on imitation.

Just looked at M Carter’s schedule. He has Pats, Buff, bye and @ NE. That is brutal and having second thoughts.