Thoughts on Top 12 QB's from 2021

Just some general thoughts on the top 12 QB’s from 2021, based on their final overall score:

  1. Josh Allen: He is what you want from a QB. Big passing, big rushing. 32 points ahead of Brady at #2. He has to be QB1 in all kinds of leagues next year, period.

  2. Tom Brady: Retired, allegedly. Whether you risk holding onto him is up to you. But I suspect he wants out of Tampa. He won’t return for less than an ideal situation. good for his holders, but not necessarily for his prospects. Why should Tampa give up on him?

  3. Justin Herbert: Only his second season, and he is this high? He is dynasty gold, and even a good pickup in redraft.

  4. Patrick Mahomes: The only surprise here is he isn’t top 3. Has the NFL figured him out? I won’t go that far, but I will say he may not be top 3 any more.

  5. Aaron Rodgers: The MVP is dropping. I won’t say drop him this year, but it’s definitely time for drafting rookies in dynasty this season.

  6. Dak Prescott: He worries me. Injuries, WR and possible RB turnover, all combine to make Dak worrisome. I won’t say he won’t be at #6, but I will say there’s enough to make me want to move him down next year.

  7. Matthew Stafford: I can’t imagine how he doesn’t match this next season.

  8. Jalen Hurts: He is a big dilemma. Great fantasy QB, not so good RL QB. I see the Eagles sticking with him for now, but for how long? Or will they trade him for Deshaun Watson? Watch the offseason moves carefully.

  9. Kirk Cousins: Boringly effective. If he’s your QB1, you’re in trouble. If he’s your QB2, pat yourself on the back.

  10. Kyler Murray: One of the most over-rated QB’s in the NFL. His issues with the Cards only make him more questionable. If you can trade him in dynasty, do it.

  11. Joe Burrow: Is he going to get better? Yes. Top 5? Not so sure.

  12. Carson Wentz: WTF? Who let him into this conversation?! There’s at least 3 guys I’d rather have after him, and that doesn’t count guys drafted this year!

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Alright, let’s see:

  1. Josh Allen: no argument there.

  2. Same. 75% chance Brady is retired for good, 5% he’ll be back this year in Tampa, 20% he’ll sign elsewhere next year (he’s a UFA in 2023).

  3. The 2021 season had all the warning signs for Herbert. Sophomore slump, new coaching staff, new offensive system. A regression to his stellar rookie season was practically guaranteed. Only Herbert didn’t get the memo. He’ll be a top 5 QB for years to come.

  4. Mahomes’ season performance was slowed by his slump during weeks 7-13. It indeed looked like the league had figured him out. Took the Chiefs a moment, but they did get out of that hole, not least thanks to Mahomes. He flashed some weaknesses during that period, but also proved that it still is possible to coach him. Is he a guaranteed top 3 QB? No. But a very likely top 5 one.

  5. My gut feeling says Rodgers will stay in Green Bay. When they got eliminated from the playoffs, he didn’t hop on his jet the same night, but stayed in town for another few days and went to the office every day. But of course, it’s all but guaranteed, and so is his 2022 outlook. From top 3 QB to a drop into mediocrity to retirement, everything is possible.

  6. It’s not just Dak himself who worries me, it’s the Cowboys as a whole. I don’t see any room for improvement there. Was it you who posted the theory that they already gave up the 2022 season when they hung on to McCarthy, and probably plan to sign Sean Peyton in 2023? Either way, Dak is too good to pass on, but to volatile to be fully comfortable with him.

  7. I was about to argue that the Rams are in win-now mode and neither the team nor Stafford will have a chance to repeat that performance in 2023. But looking at the roster, it’s actually not that bad. Von Miller, Sony Michel and OBJ need new contracts, which the Rams probably cannot afford. But even if all 3 of them leave, the team won’t disintegrate. Still, I’ll place Stafford in the same category as Dak. His injured back worries me. That is an injury he will never be able to fully heal as long as he active, and reportedly, he plays under a lot of pain. Any new injury could end his career, and I also wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls an Andrew Luck. Great QB, but not a stable dynasty asset in my book.

  8. As long as the Eagles start him, Hurts is a solid fantasy QB1. But he is a terrible NFL QB. The only question to me is not if his career will end on a bench, but only if it will happen before, during or immediately after the 2022 season.

  9. Cousins will be a free agent after the 2022 season. We’ll see what the new coaching staff means for his situation. He’s not terrible by any means, but if the Vikings want to reach for a title in the near future, they will need an upgrade on QB.

  10. Kyler isn’t that bad, but he isn’t great, either. The Cardinals are in a dilemma. Obviously, if they want to keep him, they will have to give him a big contract. They won’t get a better QB on short notice. But if they pay the man, they are married to a QB who may not be good enough to win them a title. Bold prediction: Kyler will play baseball next year.

  11. Burrow is going to get better, and he is going to be top 5. There, I said it.

  12. I agree on Wentz. Let’s instead throw in a few names that may appear in this thread next year: Lamar Jackson, if he can stay healthy. Derek Carr, if the Raiders can put up a drama-free 2022 season. Trey Lance, if he is remotely as good as many hope. Trevor Lawrence, if the new Jags coaching staff can transform all that current and incoming roster talent into a team. And from the ‘bold predictions’ drawer: Daniel Jones, as something tells me the Giants will surprise us all in 2022.

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