Thoughts on the Raiders-Jaguars Game

Just a few thoughts I had watching the Hall of Fame game last night:

  1. Josh Jacobs looked ready for the season, but I wouldn’t read too much into that, because…

  2. The Jaguars looked really bad. Granted, it was mostly their second and third stringers, but it was mostly the Raiders second and third stringers too. The media can talk about Travon Walker all they want, but the rest of the Jags looked bad, with the exception of…

  3. Snoop Conner was a pleasant surprise for the Jags. He could be a solid depth piece on dynasty rosters.

  4. Speaking of RB’s, I would say the same for Zamir White. He looked far more impressive than Kenyan Drake, who better improve fast if he wants to remain in the RB rotation.

  5. Of the Raiders backup QB’s, Nick Mullens looked more impressive in a very short playing time before getting replaced with opener Jarrett Stidham, who looked flat all night. Stidham did run for a td, but that was his main highlight.

  6. None of the Raider receivers really impressed me, although that could be due to the poor QB play.

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I actually delayed a draft pick in one of my dynasties, as I was on the clock and Snoop was still there. I mean, okay, he didn’t look terrible, but he certainly had his struggles against a 2nd and 3rd tier defense. I passed on him after the first half.

Zamir White looked a lot better. But he could be a far bigger threat to Kenyan Drake than to Josh Jacobs, going by what I saw.

I’m still predicting a strong season for Jacobs. Even though, yes, this was just a preseason game, and we really shouldn’t read too much into it.

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It was a lot of first-string defenders on the first drive, though, and they looked terrible against the Raiders’ 2nd string offense.

Maybe good for the Jags’ offensive players in fantasy–but looks like a long season in JAX.

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