So what's going on with Josh Jacobs?

Absent from training for several days in a row now, for “undisclosed, non-injury related reasons”. Raiders bring in other RBs in the mean time.

So what’s going on there? Has he pulled a Deshaun? Or are the Raiders trying to trade him? If yes, where to, and will it be good news for fantasy owners? Asking for a friend…

They are probably just keeping Jacobs fresh for the season. Keep in mind, Jacobs has had some injuries from overuse in the past, and now we have a 17 game season.

I would expect Jacobs’ touch count to be limited a little with the presence of Kenyan Drake this year. Whether Jacobs becomes more efficient with fewer touches remains to be seen.

I wasn’t concerned so far. The signing of Drake wasn’t good for Jacobs’ fantasy value, but it didn’t destroy it, either.

The absence of Jacobs from training wouldn’t have concerned me either, but that the Raiders simultaneously invited Kerryon Johnson, after already signing Peyton Barber… Can we really dismiss that as “just building some depth at RB”?

Be honest: Barber and Johnson aren’t on the same level as Jacobs and Drake. Barber and Johnson are worst case scenario options. Nothing more.

None of them is a possible replacement for Jacobs. But if you bring in 2 experienced veterans when you already have 2 starting caliber RBs, it does send a certain message.

It’s what you would do if you have reasons to believe that one of your starting caliber RBs won’t see the end of the season on your active roster.

“Toe injury” is the official reason given for his absence now. Still makes me wonder if more is afoot (pun very much intended).

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